Downloadable PDF here: Frontline 2022 Endorsements


Leadership is important, and having the right leadership in our state starts with voting with discernment. To help God’s people vote Biblically for strong leaders and to recognize men and women of integrity, we make endorsements up and down the ballot across Georgia.

Frontline Policy Action does not endorse in every race. We get involved anytime there is a choice that stands above all the rest. The candidates below are conservative champions and the clear choice in their respective races. God bless you as you honor Him with your vote!



Governor: Brian Kemp

Lt. Governor: Burt Jones

Attorney General: Chris Carr

State School Superintendent: Richard Woods

Agriculture Commissioner: Tyler Harper

Labor Commissioner: Bruce Thompson

Insurance Commissioner: John King

Public Service Commission 2: Commissioner Tim Echols


US Senate:

Herschel Walker



2nd District: Chris West

6th District: Rich McCormick

7th District: Mark Gonsalves

8th District: Austin Scott

9th District: Andrew Clyde

10th District: Mike Collins

11th District: Barry Loudermilk


State Senate:

Mike Hodges for State Senate (SD-3)

Senator Josh McKay (SD-7)

Russ Goodman for State Senate (SD-8)

Senator Marty Harbin (SD-16)

Senator Brian Strickland (SD-17)

Senator John Kennedy (SD-18)

Rick Williams for State Senate (SD-25)

Senator Matt Brass, (SD-28)

Senator Randy Robertson (SD-29)

Senator Jason Anivitarte (SD-31)

Ed Setzler for State Senate (SD-37)  OUR FIRST ENDORSEMENT OF THE 2022 CYCLE!

Senator Clint Dixon (SD-45)

Shawn Still for State Senate (SD-48)

Shelly Echols for State Senate (SD-49)

Senator Bo Hatchett (SD-50)

Senator Chuck Payne (SD-54)

Senator John Albers (SD-56)


State House:

Representative Mike Cameron (HD-1)

Representative Steve Tarvin (HD-2)

Representative Kasey Carpenter (HD-4)

Representative Jason Ridley (HD-6)

Representative Stan Gunter (HD-8)

Representative Will Wade (HD-9)

Representative Rick Jasperse (HD-11)

Representative Matthew Gambill (HD-15)

Representative Martin Momtahan (HD-17)

Representative Tyler Paul Smith (HD-18)

Joseph Gullet for State House (HD-19)

Carter Barrett for State House (HD-24)

Representative Todd Jones (HD-25)

Lauren McDonald for State House (HD-26)

Brent Cox for State House (HD-28)

Representative Matt Dubnik (HD-29)

Derrick McCollum for State House (HD-30)

Representative Emory Dunahoo (HD-31)

Ginny Ehrhart for State House (HD-36)

Representative John Carson (HD-46)

Scott Hilton for State House (HD-48)

Stoney Mathis for State House (HD-68)

Representative Josh Bonner (HD-73)

Representative Karen Mathiak (HD-74)

Lisa Kinnemore for State House (HD-86)

Daelen Lowry for State House (HD-96)

John Chan for State House (HD-97)

Matt Reeves for State House (HD-99

Representative Zach Procter (HD-101)

Soo Hong for State House (HD-103)

Representative Church Efstration (HD-104)

Sandy Donatucci for State House (HD-105)

Johnny Crist for State House (HD-108)

Rey Martinez for State House (HD-111)

Representative Bruce Williamson (HD-112)

Tim Fleming for State House (HD-114)

Lauren Daniel for State House (HD-117)

Representative Houston Gaines (HD-120)

Marcus Wiedower for State House (HD-121)

Representative Jodi Lott (HD-131)

Representative Beth Camp (HD-135)

Representative David Jenkins (HD-136)

Bethany Ballard for State House (HD-147)

Representative Leesa Hagan (HD-156)

Representative Clay Pirkle (HD-169)

Representative Darlene Taylor (HD-173)

Representative John LaHood (HD-175)

Representative Steven Meeks (HD-178)

Representative Steven Sainz (HD-180)