Frontline Policy Action 2022 Endorsements

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Frontline Policy Actions does not endorse in every race. Sometimes there are multiple candidates who would be champions of conservative family values (such as Georgia’s 6th and 10th Congressional districts), and sometimes there are no compelling candidates in a particular race. We try to get involved anytime there is a choice that stands above all the rest. The candidates below are conservative champions and the clear choice in their respective races.

Governor: Brian Kemp
Lt. Governor: Burt Jones
Secretary of State: Jody Hice
State School Superintendent: Richard Woods
Agriculture Commissioner: Tyler Harper
Labor Commissioner: Bruce Thompson
Public Service Commission 2: Commissioner Tim Echols

State Senate

Senator Brian Strickland (SD-17)

Senator John Kennedy (SD-18)

Senator Matt Brass, (SD-28)

Ed Setzler for State Senate (SD-37)  OUR FIRST ENDORSEMENT OF THE 2022 CYCLE!

Senator Clint Dixon (SD-45)

Shawn Still for State Senate (SD-48)

Shelly Echols (SD-49)

Senator Chuck Payne (SD-54)

State House

Representative Mike Cameron (HD-1)

Representative Steve Tarvin (HD-2)

Representative Kasey Carpenter (HD-4)

Representative Jason Ridley (HD-6)

Representative Will Wade (HD-9)

Representative Martin Momtahan (HD-17)

Donna Kisicki for State House (HD-22)

Representative Sheri Gilligan (HD-24)

Representative Matt Dubnik (HD-29)

Representative Emory Dunahoo (HD-31).

Scott Hilton for State House (HD-48)

Representative Josh Bonner (HD-73)

Matt Reeves for State House (HD-99)

Soo Hong for State House (HD-103)

Johnny Crist for State House (HD-108)

Tim Fleming for State House (HD-114)

Representative Beth Camp (HD-135)

Representative David Jenkins (HD-136)

Representative John LaHood (HD-175)

Representative Steven Meeks (HD-178)

Representative Steven Sainz (HD-180)



10th District: Vote for Life, not for Vernon


School Board

Forsyth County: Mike Valdez

Cherokee County: Chris Gregory

Oconee County: Julie Mauck

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