One of the first endorsements we released during the primary was for Bruce Thompson for Labor Commissioner.

To see that original endorsement, click here.

With Election Day rapidly approaching, I am all-the-more resolute in imploring you to vote for my good friend, Bruce Thompson for Labor Commissioner.

Bruce is a good man – a man of integrity and deep faith. I have seen how much he loves the Lord, and I have treasured the opportunities to pray with, for, and over him. Bruce has encouraged me, and he is a great example of how we can labor for the glory of our Lord.

Bruce is also a conservative – a strong pro-life advocate, fierce champion for students, and a believer in freedom. He understands what has made this nation special and how we can be successful as a state. Bruce Thompson stands for our values, supports families, and knows how to keep Georgia #1.

Finally, Bruce is an ideal fit for the job he’s applying for. He’s someone who has worked in numerous fields and been successful in all of them. He knows the challenges facing Georgia’s entrepreneurs and workforce and he brings a dogged determination to fix problems.

We need Bruce Thompson as our Labor Commissioner!

Radical leftists want to use government and woke business to change our culture, and Bruce’s opponent is on board with that mission. We cannot cede this department over to those extremists!

I trust Bruce Thompson to stop the woke agenda, to win in November, to reform the Labor Department, to serve with distinction and integrity, and stand boldly for our values – I trust him to do this because that’s the man I know him to be.

This election, please remember to vote for this important race. Despite all the noise at the top of the ballot, this one has a huge effect on your life!

For Bruce Thompson,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action