In case you missed it, we just released Episode 3 of the From the Frontline podcast! 

In this week’s episode, Frontline President Cole Muzio discusses the aftermath of the recent presidential debate, analyzing President Joe Biden’s performance and its ramifications for the Democratic Party. He explores the possibilities of an open convention and the broader implications of leadership challenges within the Democratic ranks.

Analyzing Biden’s Electoral Impact: How Biden’s candidacy could inadvertently boost Republican prospects.

Election Forecasts: The strategic missteps and internal pressures currently fracturing the Democratic Party.

Hope for America: Concerns and hopes for our nation, emphasizing the need for capable and principled leadership.

Noteworthy Quotes:

  • “It is a real conversation that we should be having about someone who is not playing with a full deck that has our nuclear codes.” (00:02:26)
  • “The media is telling you it’s okay, but there’s something so visceral about when you see somebody that is struggling that much.” (00:11:47)
  • “Republicans or conservatives who want to win in November should note that Joe Biden’s favorability numbers make him the best bet for a Republican victory.” (00:02:26)

Further Reading and Resources:

  • Obama’s Tweet on Biden’s Debate Performance (00:09:26): In the episode, Cole provides his reaction to this tweet on Biden’s debate night from former President Obama: 

  • Reuters Poll featuring Michelle Obama vs. Donald Trump (00:14:10): He also mentions a recent Reuters poll featuring hypothetical match-ups. Click here to learn more.
  • NYT and AJC Articles Calling for Biden to Step Aside (00:11:47): I talk about how the media is calling for Biden to step aside, notably both the New York Times and the AJC. Read both of these articles here and here

Listen to the full episode here:

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