Warning: this article is an equal opportunity offender. Do not read if your instant reflex is a complete defense of your partisan candidate.

We can – and we must – do better.

As I watched the debate two weeks ago, my overwhelming thought and emotion was the same as the rest of America’s: Joe Biden is unfit to serve.

Beyond the disasters ushered in by his policies, the feebleness of his voice, the incoherence of his answers, and the fixed look of perplexion that never left his visage were alarming. We knew going into the debate that he was in decline and was being protected by the White House. Yet, after a week of prepping for the debate and twelve days removed from his last serious presidential undertaking, it was stunning to see just how steep and evident the decline truly was.

Joe Biden’s “bad night” has thrust us into an extraordinary moment in political history, as the media and key DC power players maneuver to take him off the ballot and replace him. To this point, he remains dug in, and this is, rightly, the most-watched story of the moment.

The second thought/takeaway, though, was how did we get to this point where this is our choice – where this is the situation facing our country. An 81-year-old versus a 78-year-old. A debate that really lacked a clear vision for America. And, a “discussion” that devolved into a back and forth about golf games and ally cat morals.

Yes, Donald Trump put together a comparatively solid performance (and I think his line of “I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence, I don’t think he knows what he said either” will go down as one of the more memorable debate moments of all-time). Yes, he is vastly superior cognitively. And, yes, the policies he espouses are significantly better for our country and more aligned with our values.

Yet, solid or superior or better via comparison does not mean ideal or God-honoring.

During the debate, Trump rightly attacked Democrats for extreme pro-abortion policies. He also went of the defensive for life, falsely asserted the pro-lifers have always simply wanted abortion policy “back to the states,” and lacked a coherent worldview on the need to protect life.

Following the debate – with Biden falling farther behind in the polls and the Democrats imploding – Trump took the unnecessary step of disavowing the conservative Project 2025. This initiative, which Frontline has signed onto, outlines winning conservative policies like protecting girls’ sports and spaces, cutting the size and scope of government, and supporting the traditional family.

His defensive position on Project 2025 occurred in the midst of efforts by his campaign to change the Republican Party platform positions on both life and marriage and to weaken its conservative positioning as a whole. And, at his bidding, VP contenders Marco Rubio and JD Vance both went on TV yesterday (Sunday) to publicly back away from pro-life positions.

None of this, ultimately, has any effect on your final choice at the ballot box in November. In a race between Trump and Biden (or any of his possible replacements), the choice remains clear. These sad realities, however, should have a significant effect on how you view our political landscape.

We, as Christians, are falling behind. We now find ourselves in a position where we have a Democrat Party that loves abortion, hates God’s Design for the family, and wants government to dictate our lives. The “counterweight,” sadly is a Republican Party that simply wants less abortion, supports LGBTQ as long as it doesn’t overtly target children, and likes big government that just taxes us less than the other side wants to.

We are, politically, without a home. And, this is not to be unexpected according to Scripture. What does need to change, however, is Christian influence, leadership, and vision.

Christians are, far too often, setting for the hand we are dealt rather than intentionally planning, strategizing, and leveraging influence for the better. As a movement, we have failed to think ahead and shape the battlespace.

At Frontline, our commitment is to end this failure.

While never neglecting to affect change in the battles right before us, we strive to be an organization that shapes worldviews, changes the narrative, builds and leads a movement, strategizes for the future, and delivers God-honoring results. We are not content to sit on the sidelines, put on a uniform, and cheer for the side we hate the least.

Instead, we are working to – over time – forge a better movement, a winning coalition, and a God-honoring force that can lead to revival and renewal.

As we come off a celebration of the Fourth of July and think of all this country was designed to be and all that it could be, this is my commitment to you. Neither I, nor my family, nor my team are in this work for a life of ease or comfort. We are not here to “report” on what’s happening. We are here to do battle, to change the entire scope of the battle, to win, and to claim ground for the glory of the Living King and for the good of our neighbor.

In this election season, my exhortation to you is to praiseworthy actions of the candidate and to call for better when they fail. Hold to a biblical standard, not a partisan or worldly one. Cling to Truth, not talking points. Point people to Christ, not a person.

At the end of the day, you have a clear choice to make at the ballot box. However, your vote is not the end of your witness. Your witness can be carried forward in your entire reaction to this election and your clear-eyed fixation on the cause of Christ.

Cole Muzio
President, Frontline Policy

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