In this episode of “From the Frontline,” Cole Muzio is joined by Quena González from the Family Research Council to discuss the vital importance of the Republican Party platform and the ongoing efforts to maintain its conservative values through the Platform Integrity Project. As the platform committee prepares to meet July 8-9, Cole and Quena dive into the stakes, challenges, and ways listeners can get involved to ensure the platform remains strong on life, family, and religious liberty.

Noteworthy Quotes:

  • “We need to make sure the Republican platform remains strong on life, family, religious liberty, and God’s plan for human sexuality.” – Quena González
  • “Candidates come and go, but the platform is a statement of what the party collectively believes.” – Cole Muzio
  • “Your voice matters. Encouraging your delegates to stand firm is crucial for maintaining the integrity of our platform.” – Quena González

Take Action:

  1. Visit Platform Integrity Project: Learn more and get involved at
  2. Contact Your Delegates: Search and reach out to your state delegates on to express your support for a strong, conservative platform.
  3. Pray for Guidance: Join us in praying for the delegates, the platform committee, and the future of our nation’s leadership.

Listen to the full episode here: