Few people have proven an ability to make such an impact legislatively in such a short period of time as Senator Clint Dixon. We have already been through so many battles together in Clint’s short time in the Senate, and I could not be more grateful for his leadership, fortitude, and commitment to the principles we share. (To read our original endorsement of Clint from the primary, click here).

Clint Dixon doesn’t back down from doing the right thing – he’s as strong as they come and as committed to principles as anyone under the Gold Dome. Despite being a new member, he has quickly become a leader and one of my go-to allies for standing up for children against indoctrination, defending family values, and securing more opportunities for Georgians. As one of the dwindling conservative elected officials from Gwinnett County, Clint Dixon has been relentless in pushing back against wokeness and is the bold leader needed to turn your county around. And, he does it all with integrity, class, and humility.

I am proud to call Clint Dixon a friend and an ally of Frontline – vote for Clint today!

For Freedom,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action