With early voting set to begin today, Frontline Policy Action continues to roll out endorsements across the state – in local, legislative, and statewide races. We continue to closely evaluate several federal races with anticipation of getting engaged in the runoff.

As the state’s leading pro-life and pro-family endorsement, we are proud to announce our support for Sen. Clint Dixon (SD-45), Shawn Still for State Senate (SD-48), Rep. Matt Dubnik (HD-29), Rep. Mike Cameron (HD-1), Rep. Steve Tarvin (HD-2), Scott Hilton for State House (HD-48), Matt Reeves for State House (HD-99), Soo Hong for State House (HD-103), Johnny Crist for State House (HD-108), and Tim Fleming for State House (HD-114).

Here are our statements on each of these conservative champions:


Four are facing primary battles:

Shawn Still – “First-time candidates are often giant question marks – not Shawn Still. Conservatives across Georgia know, respect, and appreciate Shawn because he has volunteered countless hours, resources, and talents to serve the movement. He’s a leader, a committed conservative, someone who serves, and the kind of man who rolls up his sleeves and gets the job done. We trust Shawn to stand for life, faith, family, and freedom, because he has already sacrificed for those things. I cannot wait to work with Shawn Still in the State Senate!”

Rep. Mike Cameron – “From the first time I spoke with Mike Cameron, his faith and his commitment to the cause of life was apparent. He has spent years as an activist and growing the movement well before coming to the legislature, and he has been a strong partner for Frontline in the House. I know we have a friend and ally in Rep. Mike Cameron.”

Rep. Steve Tarvin – “The Georgia State House is more conservative than it has ever been, and, even in that group, Rep. Steve Tarvin stands out as one of the strongest conservatives in the Chamber. Steve stands for life, faith, family, and freedom, and he never backs down – regardless of the political cost. He’s a tough, hard-working legislator that deserves to be sent back to the House.”

Tim Fleming – “Many of the landmark conservative victories in recent years, including the Heartbeat Bill, would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Tim Fleming, and I am so excited to see him running for the State House. For years, Tim has been a proven and trusted ally of the conservative movement, and he understands the strategies and processes needed to achieve real results. Tim Fleming is going to be a rock star for District 114!”


Six are facing general election battles but will be HIGH priorities for this organization. We wanted to make sure to spotlight them even before the primary:

Senator Clint Dixon – “Gwinnett County has swung radically to the Left, but there is no one fighting harder against the wokeness that has infiltrated the county than Sen. Clint Dixon. He’s bold, unafraid, and absolutely committed to our conservative values. No matter what pressures he faces – whether from the leftist mob or from political insiders looking to ‘make a deal’ – Clint Dixon doesn’t blink or back down. He has been on the frontlines of the biggest battles over the last few years, and he’s been winning. We need Clint in the State Senate, and I cannot wait to partner with him for even more victories for our state and its families. He’s a key part of our gameplan to reclaim our state for our values!”

Rep. Matt Dubnik – “We just had a historic legislative session for education reform – putting students first and parents back in charge. Rep. Matt Dubnik, as Chairman of the Education Committee, was a key architect and leader in this effort. He knows what’s at stake, brings people together, and delivers results. All the stakeholders – students, parents, advocates, and our honorable educators – know that they have a friend and ally in Matt Dubnik. He’s stood for life, for our values, and for our freedoms, and he is a trusted conservative in the State House.”

Scott Hilton – “Scott Hilton is a difference maker. Period. He connects with people, listens, and fights for what matters to them. He’s the kind of leader who combines unwavering conservative principles with a unique ability to win people to the cause. In public service, Scott has advocated for opportunity in education, constitutional freedoms, strong families, and thriving businesses. He is a great candidate, outstanding leader, and high quality person of integrity. We absolutely have to get Scott Hilton back in the State House!”

Matt Reeves – “People in District 99 know Matt Reeves because he has been in their community, attended their events, knocked on their door, shook their hand, and listened to their concerns. Few people work harder in politics than Matt Reeves, and even fewer possess his unique ability to fight the tough fights and do so with a smile. A strong conservative that has been a great Frontline ally, Matt is going to be a strong difference for his district and for Georgia.”

Soo Hong – “In a tough 2020 election cycle, Soo Hong stood out – as one of the brightest rising conservative stars in Georgia. Everyone who knows Soo instantly becomes a fan. She is winsome, bright, and principled. This is a seat that we desperately need to pick up, and Soo Hong is the right person to campaign, serve, and lead the charge for Georgia families!”

Johnny Crist – “Few people in my life mean more to me personally than my good friend Johnny Crist. I am proud to call him a friend and mentor, but I really want to call him ‘Representative.’ Nobody cares more about people than Johnny. He loves people, and he cares about what matters to them. In the State House, he will be a fierce advocate for the ‘kitchen table issues’ that drive us all. He will fight for family values, strong education, a thriving economy, and the rights and freedoms of all Georgians. District 108 deserves someone who will care about them and be faithful to their interests – not woke ideologies. There could be no better Representative for the people of this district than Johnny Crist!”


Frontline is proud to stand with each of these bold, conservative leaders. More to come! Let’s win!

For Victory,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action