This legislative session, we celebrated numerous major victories en route to a truly historic 40 days under the Gold Dome.

But there are many more battles to fight – battles to protect the next generation from wokeness, to stand for freedom, and defend the right to life. These battles will take boldness, a strong set of principles, and a refusal to play political games.

That’s why I am proud to announce our endorsement of State Senator Burt Jones for Lt. Governor.

Under the Gold Dome, there is no shortage of “politics.” There are those who say one thing on the campaign trail or when they speak before the cameras, yet, behind closed doors, they say something very different.

With Burt Jones, what you see is what you get.

From Day One, Burt Jones was with us on the Heartbeat Bill – both publicly AND behind the scenes. He’s stood for school choice, even when it was an uphill battle opposed by leaders within his own Party. He was advocating to Save Girls Sports, even when others thought it was “too controversial.” And he was one of only a handful of conservatives willing to stand against legislation we believed was a bad precedent that would undermine freedom – even when all the political winds were blowing another direction.

In a race with two clear frontrunners, Burt Jones is the clear, conservative choice, and he is the one that I trust to resist the attacks of Big Corporate, the woke media, and the Hollywood elites.

And that is a critical aspect of this job. Big Business, Big Education, and Big Medicine all spend HUGE dollars to influence legislation. The media wants to attack any leader willing to take a bold stand. The radical left is vitriolic and nasty.

We need a proven, battle-tested conservative who will put principles over convenience, values over politics, and families over special interests. That’s what Burt Jones brings as Lt. Governor, and that’s who he has proven to be as a State Senator.

Now, I’ll be honest, there aren’t many issues where Burt and Frontline disagree. But here’s what I know: where there is disagreement, I trust Burt to be honest, be transparent with his views, and decline to use his position and influence unduly. I trust his character, integrity, and frank speech. In a building where political gamesmanship so often comes into play, you cannot ask for much more than that!

This race is a tough one. With so much attention going toward other races, few know about the candidates. And the other top contender in this race is a good person that we respect. This race truly could go either way.

That’s why I am imploring you to stand with us by standing with Burt. I know that he won’t waver. He is a trusted ally and friend. He is a man of principle and integrity. He’s a real deal conservative.

Please take time to share this endorsement with your friends and fellow believers. The next Lt. Governor will have significant influence over the kind of legislation we can pass over the next four years. Under Burt Jones’ leadership, I trust the State Senate will maximize every opportunity to pass the bold conservative legislation we fight for every day!

This one matters, and I am proud to stand with Burt Jones in the fight for life, faith, family, and freedom!

For Burt Jones,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action