Wokists desperately want to transform Georgia, and they are spending big to impose Stacey Abrams and her radical vision on our state.

Today, we are proud to announce our endorsement of the only man who beat Stacey Abrams and then provided unwavering, bold conservative leadership for Georgia – Governor Brian Kemp.

Four years ago, I sat in the office of then-candidate Brian Kemp. He looked me in the eye and told me he would pass a Heartbeat Bill – a promise that turned into a campaign pledge, a major push from his transition and administration, and, ultimately, the nation’s strongest pro-life law – and that he would govern as an unashamed conservative. He told me he would put Georgians first, back education reform, and stand for our values – no matter the political cost. He told me that he was a proud supporter of all of our issues, and that he would not waver. He said we’d have an open line of communication, that his values were our values, and that we’d have an ally in the Governor’s Office. He said he wouldn’t be outworked, and that he could and would beat Stacey Abrams.

Brian Kemp has delivered on all of those promises and many more – all during a period of unprecedented challenges and unrelenting attacks.

In November of 2018, Brian Kemp won a close election over the favorite darling of the wokists. Many other leaders would have used that as an excuse to moderate, declining to uphold their campaign promises because the political winds were too tough. Not Brian Kemp. He doubled down and set out to work to pass the nation’s strongest pro-life law, and in Year 1 of his Administration (2019) we passed and he signed that bill – something that would not have been possible without his unflinching leadership.

In 2020, a global pandemic caused countless leaders to race toward fear, a revocation of freedoms, and lockdowns. Brian Kemp led the nation – opening up first – in rejecting fear, putting his trust in people, and allowing us to return to work. He worked tirelessly to keep churches open and secure our freedoms!

In 2021, we faced another crisis – a crisis of confidence in our elections fueled by a weakened system of unverified mail-in voting. While many have angst over what happened during the election, the Governor did the only thing the Constitution of Georgia empowers him to do – lead the charge in an effort to make sure it never happens again. Because of the leadership of Brian Kemp – who refused to cave to Abrams, the MLB, the woke media, and Big Corporate – we now have the strongest-in-the-nation election integrity law, SB 202.

And, just this year, as we worked to Save Our Students from those who seek to impose their will and indoctrinate, Brian Kemp was our foremost ally. Our Governor led the charge to unmask our students, ban vaccine passports, rid our bookshelves of obscene materials, eliminate racist indoctrination of our students, and protect fairness in sports.

Time and again, our Governor has led the charge for our values – willing to stand up to the elites, the media, the pressures, Hollywood, and woke institutions. And, through it all, I have had the privilege to see how he has endeavored to walk with the Lord, cherish his family, and serve the people of this state. He is a man of integrity, a devoted husband and father, and a leader we can trust.

I understand some of you have frustrations with Governor Kemp – largely stemming from the 2020 election. I can understand that, and I know he can too. There were problems in that election, and he has acknowledged that and was one of the first to call for lawsuits and action by the official in charge of our elections, the Secretary of State.

Regardless of how you may feel about additional steps for 2020, this much I know: the Governor worked to provide leadership, push for more action, stay within the confines of the Georgia Constitution – which does NOT give the Governor authority over elections – and then do something about the problems by passing SB 202.

But here’s the other thing I know, you don’t have to share my assessment of Brian Kemp to be a Brian Kemp voter.

While I am privileged to have had a front row seat to see his conservative principles in action and his character manifest, you may still have reservations. You are entitled to those. But the simple reality is this: David Perdue is not a solution.

Over his tenure in the United States Senate, David Perdue was rated among the most liberal Republicans in DC – far closer to Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney than Ted Cruz.

His legislative leadership was non-existent as there are no issues of principled conservative significance where David Perdue led the charge, took heat, and delivered a victory.

He LOST his race to Jon Ossoff – the least qualified candidate for US Senate in Georgia history – because he ran a lackluster and lethargic campaign, without a record to inspire conservatives.

And he failed to fight for his seat. While he now says the election was stolen, he refused – as a candidate with standing – to file suit, ask for a recount, or do anything substantive to change the dynamic. The fact of the matter is simple: as a candidate with legal standing, David Perdue could have been the missing piece needed to affect change, and he refused. He had the ability to do far more than the Governor could, but he either was too afraid or doesn’t actually believe what he’s telling you now.

Quite simply, the difference between Brian Kemp and David Perdue is stark and consequential.

Kemp has a conservative record – David Perdue doesn’t.

Kemp has led, taken heat, and delivered wins on Heartbeat, opening our economy, passing SB 202, and Saving Our Students – David Perdue was nowhere in these battles, notably even refusing to sign a letter asking for the overturning of Roe v. Wade (this alone is disqualifying!) and criticizing Kemp for opening the economy.

Kemp has beaten Stacey Abrams – David Perdue lost to Ossoff.

And, even if you firmly believe Kemp should have done more on the election, Brian Kemp’s record on election integrity is FAR superior to that of David Perdue’s!

Regardless of the outcome in this race, we must come together and support our nominee. I make that pledge to you – that Frontline will be part of uniting our state. However, we still have an obligation to choose the best, most conservative candidate for November, and this is Brian Kemp.

Over the past 4 years, I have been privileged to call Governor Kemp a friend and partner. He, our First Lady Marty Kemp, and their three daughters are an outstanding example to our state, and they are first class people.

The Governor’s leadership has resulted in unprecedented conservative wins, a strong and booming economy, and more freedoms for you and your family. He has proven himself committed to our cause, and, as a tried-and-true fighter, I know that four more years of Governor Kemp means four more years of major victories for Georgia values.

With early voting starting today, I ask you to join me in supporting our Governor’s re-election. I am happy to answer any questions you may have personally.

For Four More Years,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action



Over the last four years, we have been proud to partner with Governor Kemp.  Here are just a few of our memories:

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