The time has arrived – the time where you can select those who will stand for our values, defend our families, and fight back against Stacey Abrams and the woke agenda.

Early voting has begun. You can verify your voter information here. You can look up early voting locations based on your county here.

Georgia law requires that you have an ID, and we encourage everyone to pray, research, and prepare their hearts to vote.

As you know, Frontline has begun releasing endorsements. To date, we have endorsed roughly two dozen candidates seeking legislative and three candidates for statewide office – Commissioner of Agriculture, Labor Commissioner, and Secretary of State. This week, more legislative endorsements are planned as well as endorsements for Governor, Lt. Governor, and State Superintendent. Other races are being evaluated, and, for federal races, we have provided relevant information to voters. However, we are unlikely to endorse in federal races until the runoff election.

We do not – and will not – endorse in every race. There may be various reasons where we “stay out” of a given election, but we encourage you to ask questions as they arise.

We are endeavoring to keep our endorsements page updated here, and our Facebook page will have relevant info as well – note, some graphics on our Facebook page may not be official endorsements and simply be information on various candidates.

This election cycle is so important, and please know that we are working diligently to support those who will best advance our cause, provide important information, and strategically utilize the resources God has given us.

It is my hope that our endorsements are helpful to you. We put a great deal of time and knowledge into making them. However, we expect our supporters to put thought and prayer into selecting the candidates they feel best honor God.

As a reminder, here are the primary criteria we use for choosing our candidates:

Principles – we are looking to endorse the candidate most able to advance our values: the Right to Life, Religious Freedom, God’s Design, Educational Opportunity, Human Dignity, Free Speech, and Principled Government. We believe the best determiner of future performance is past performance, we value record over rhetoric, and we are looking for boldness. (James 3:13)

Integrity – while we understand that elected officials are not always saints, we are looking for men and women of integrity – those who have a zeal to do what is right, those whose motives are good and righteous, those who seek the Lord, those who honor Him with their personal conduct and in their family lives, and those who value truth. (1 Timothy 3)

Strategy – the radical Left desperately wants Georgia, and we cannot afford to be flippant with our approach. We evaluate races based on strategic importance, our short and long-term goals for a more God-honoring state, and whether a candidate is viable and doing all the things they need to do in order to win. (1 Corinthians 9:24)

Please make certain your voices are heard. In many districts, the November outcome is virtually pre-determined based on how the maps are drawn. THIS is your opportunity to choose the person that matches the criteria above – the one who will represent you and your family in a God-glorifying way.

See below for a prayer for our elections.

To Victory,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action

P.S.  Here is a prayer for our elections that you may use or modify.

Father, you know the outcomes of these elections. You have known them since before the dawn of time. You know the candidates. You know their hearts. And, most importantly, you know how they fit into your plan for our nation, our state, and for our own lives.

You have told us your plan is good, and we know how it ends. We trust you, and we put the results in your hands.

We humbly ask for discernment as to the right choices. We ask for favor for the candidates who love you. And we ask for victory for those candidates who share our principles and have the right integrity to serve.

At this time – with so much hostility towards you – we ask that you show mercy to our state and our nation. May we turn to you and may this election be a pivotal moment. We ask that you give an abundance of both boldness and strategy to those we elect that seek to honor you. We ask for your blessing of success.

Lord, may you make it clear to us what we are to do as we know you call each of us to be involved. May we honor you in how we approach these key political and cultural questions. Please give us the energy, time, and wisdom to be God-honoring, Kingdom-minded voters and advocates for truth.

In you alone we trust and in you alone we place our trust. Amen!