Sanford Bishop was first elected to public office more than a decade before I was born. He was elected to Congress nearly 30 years ago, and he has been out-of-alignment with the district ever since, yet somehow maintaining power.

This is the year to Take Back the Second for our values. This is the year to Retire Sanford Bishop. This is the year to Elect Chris West to Congress, and Frontline Policy Action is proud to stand with this conservative champion.

The Second Congressional district is God-fearing, hard-working, and conservative. Sanford Bishop, on the other hand, has aligned himself with liberal extremists like Nancy Pelosi, socialists like AOC, and pro-abortion radicals. He has voted to mandate that boys be allowed to play girls’ sports and use girls’ bathrooms. Sanford Bishop has become a rubber stamp for a FAR Left agenda that does not reflect the values of the 2nd District.

Chris West is the leader the people of the Second deserve – a Christian family man who knows the people, understands what makes the district tick, supports our farmers, and supports our values.

Sanford Bishop has become a creature of Washington. Chris West is a champion for Georgia.

For many voters in the Second District, voting for Sanford Bishop has become a habit as he continues to get re-elected. They may have seen him at an event or had a pleasant interaction with him. Unfortunately, the moderate he plays at home is not reflected in a liberal voting record he casts in DC.

I believe Chris West presents the perfect opportunity for South Georgia to make a change, and I fully endorse his candidacy.

Chris is pro-life, a man of integrity and accomplishment, believes in and supports parental rights, and is a humble servant-leader. The impact of his election would be felt across the 2nd District and throughout our state and nation.

We are counting on you to make this change!

For Chris West,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action

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