Our votes decide elections, and we must make decisions that honor God and express love for our neighbor. For that reason, we are endorsing Herschel Walker for US Senate.

The nation is looking to Georgia. Our votes could determine whether a radical Biden Agenda can be shoved down our throats for the next two years – harming our nation perhaps irreparably. Or, we can stand up, make a change, and elect pro-life candidate Herschel Walker to the US Senate.

Recently, I wrote about my vote – my concerns and my reasons. To read that email, which received coverage in the Washington Post, click here.

While that email goes into full detail, I wanted to add this as we endorse Mr. Walker’s candidacy: I am grateful for what I heard from him last week in the debate against Raphael Warnock – a “pastor” who has the audacity to use his pulpit and position to proclaim a message of abortion.

Herschel Walker challenged Senator Warnock. He pushed back. He provided clarity, and he spoke on behalf of “the baby in the room.” I saw a candidate who was unashamed to take a stand for life, and that gave me great hope.

We knew this before the debate, but it was made all the more clear – Herschel Walker is running as a pro-life candidate, one who believes that God made us male and female, who supports limited government, and who will stand against the extreme Biden Agenda.

Raphael Warnock, on the other hand, has served in the Senate as a radical pro-abortion member, one who believes that God’s design is flawed and gender is a question mark, a socialist, and a rubber stamp for the extreme Biden Agenda.

The other issues in this election do matter, but they do not, ultimately, affect our binary choice.

I am casting my vote for Herschel Walker because the contrasts in policy positions are significant and because our nation is counting on us. Kamala Harris is currently the tie-breaking vote in the Senate because Georgia failed the nation two years ago.

We cannot fail again.

For me and for Frontline, this choice is clear. Join me in casting your vote for the candidate, Herschel Walker, who has pledged to stand for what matters in office.

For My Neighbor,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action