Earlier this year, we endorsed Johnny Crist in his bid for the State House. We are proud to affirm that endorsement and encourage you to cast your vote for him TODAY!

What we said then still holds true – Few people in my life mean more to me personally than my good friend Johnny Crist. I am proud to call him a friend and mentor, but I really want to call him ‘Representative.’ Nobody cares more about people than Johnny. He loves people, and he cares about what matters to them. In the State House, he will be a fierce advocate for the ‘kitchen table issues’ that drive us all. He will fight for family values, strong education, a thriving economy, and the rights and freedoms of all Georgians. District 108 deserves someone who will care about them and be faithful to their interests – not woke ideologies. There could be no better Representative for the people of this district than Johnny Crist!

Few races will be closer than this one, and few could be considered a sharper contrast. While Johnny’s opponent is an extremist who favors lockdowns, indoctrination in schools, and boys playing girls sports, Johnny is a winsome, caring, and steadfast leader who will do the right thing.

We must do everything we can to win this race. This one is going to make a BIG difference!

Let’s elect Johnny Crist!

For Freedom,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action