This past week, the General Assembly convened for the second week of the 2024 legislative session. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Introduction of the Clean Libraries Act (SB 394): This past Thursday, the Clean Libraries Act, championed by Frontline and sponsored by Senator Clint Dixon, was introduced. We firmly believe that schools and libraries should serve as places of learning, not places that expose children to harmful and explicit materials. The Clean Libraries Act is a testament to our commitment to protecting the innocence of our children and preserving the sanctity of educational spaces. This bill includes essential provisions such as parental consent requirements for material selection, the implementation of a rating system for book vendors, and robust accountability measures. To learn more, download our one-pager of SB 394.

2.ALA Separation Bill (Senate Bill 390): Last October, Frontline issued a press release commending Georgia legislators for their courageous stance in advocating for the separation of the Georgia Library Association (GLA) and the Georgia Archives Commission from the American Library Association (ALA). We are now proud to announce that SB 390 was introduced this past Wednesday, a bill that bars taxpayer funding from being directed to the ALA. This legislation also aims to strip the ALA of its influence over librarian certification, transferring that authority back to local communities. The Frontline team has dedicated significant effort to drafting and refining this bill, and urge Georgia legislators to support and champion this legislation.

3.Banning Ranked-Choice Voting (SB 355): In our last legislative update, we sent out an action alert in support of SB 355, a bill that bans ranked-choice voting, a system that forces voters to rank all candidates, even those they disagree with, or risk having their ballots discarded. Ranked-choice voting has proven disastrous for election integrity, leading to trashed ballots, errors, delayed results, and reduced voter confidence. During the Committee Hearing on Tuesday, our Strategy Team distributed a letter in support of SB 355. It successfully advanced out of the Committee and passed on the Senate floor with a 31 to 19 vote on Friday. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who have already contacted their legislators through our action alert, and as it now heads to the House, please continue to urge your representatives to keep our elections secure.

4. Human Trafficking Legislation (SB 370): Frontline is proud to fully support SB 370, initiated by First Lady Marty Kemp and introduced by Senator Mike Hodges. This legislation strengthens the protection of trafficking victims and implements crucial measures for accountability. During the committee hearing, Our Director of Advocacy, Taylor Hawkins testified on behalf of this legislation, and we are grateful for its unanimous passage out of the Senate Regulated Industries Committee. This bill is a significant step in our relentless fight against human trafficking and our dedication to safeguarding those who are vulnerable.

Throughout the week, our dedicated and growing Church Ambassador Network Team has been at the Capitol, engaging with legislators, including Rep. Irwin, Rep. Hilton, Rev. Leveret, and Rep. Ridley.