BREAKING: Frontline Announces Introduction of the Clean Libraries Act in Georgia Legislature, Sponsored by Sen. Clint Dixon

(Newnan, GA) Frontline, a leading organization committed to upholding conservative values, is proud to announce the introduction of the Clean Libraries Act (SB 394), sponsored by Sen. Clint Dixon. This crucial legislation aims to protect Georgia’s children from explicit and harmful content in public school libraries and classrooms.

President of Frontline Cole Muzio stated, “By empowering parents and holding schools accountable, we can ensure that explicit and harmful content has no place in our children’s educational environment. It’s time to prioritize the well-being of our children and take decisive action to protect their innocence and future.”

The Clean Libraries Act addresses a pressing issue in Georgia schools, where children have been exposed to sexually explicit materials due to a legal loophole in Georgia law. This content includes graphic depictions of sexual activity, forced abuse, and pedophilic fantasies, which have no place in a safe learning environment.

Senator Clint Dixon, the bill’s sponsor, emphasizes the importance of this legislation, “Our children deserve to learn and grow in an environment free from explicit and harmful content. The Clean Libraries Act ensures that Georgia’s public schools remain focused on education rather than pushing a radical sexual agenda onto children.”

Key provisions of the Clean Libraries Act include:

  • Prohibiting sexually explicit material from entering the public school system.
  • Empowering parents to determine appropriate materials for their children through parental consent requirements.
  • Requiring book vendors to rate their materials to assist schools in tracking and restricting explicit content.
  • Enacting accountability measures to ensure compliance and transparency in handling sexual materials.

Contrary to misconceptions, this legislation does not ban books but rather protects children from inappropriate content within taxpayer-funded schools. It acknowledges that children access explicit material elsewhere but seeks to prevent such exposure within educational institutions.

Frontline believes that the Clean Libraries Act is an imperative step in protecting Georgia’s youth. We call on legislators to support this bill and prioritize the well-being of our children.

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