(Newnan, GA) Frontline, Georgia’s leading advocate for conservative values, is proud to announce the introduction of Senate Bill 390, sponsored by Sen. Larry Walker. It is a direct response to the American Library Association’s (ALA) shift toward radicalism in recent years, highlighted by the leadership of its current president, Emily Drabinski.  This bill aims to cease taxpayer funding to ALA-affiliated libraries in Georgia, a move that will protect the integrity of educational spaces from extreme ideological influences.

Cole Muzio, President of Frontline, emphasized, “The ALA’s aggressive push of a radical agenda in our public libraries is a direct assault on Georgia’s core values. SB 390 is our stand against the weaponization of libraries into propaganda centers. We are taking back control to ensure that our public libraries remain true to their purpose – serving as safe and impartial centers for learning and community development.”

Drabinski, who openly self-identifies as a ‘Marxist lesbian,’ has publicly expressed intentions to use her position to promote a specific ideological agenda within libraries. Her leadership raises serious concerns about the impartiality of the ALA and its influence on public libraries, particularly regarding content that may not align with the broader values of Georgia’s communities.

Not only does the ALA currently have a monopoly on the certification of all of Georgia’s librarians through state-enforced requirements, but a significant portion of the funding it uses to pressure conformity with its radicalism comes from taxpayer dollars in the form of membership fees. This bill recognizes that it is inappropriate for such an organization to use a taxpayer-funded, state-protected platform to aggressively push local communities to accept material contrary to the values of that community.

The bill further clarifies that an individual carrying the title of librarian no longer has to be certified by the State Board, removing a barrier to entry and ensuring that local communities have full control over their library operations.

Senator Larry Walker, the bill’s sponsor, added, “Our libraries should serve as centers of unbiased learning, not echo chambers for extreme views. SB 390 is about restoring power to local communities and protecting our children from inappropriate content. It’s time for Georgia to set a precedent that our libraries are no place for radical, divisive ideologies.”

Key Provisions of Senate Bill 390:

  • Prohibiting taxpayer funding from going to the American Library Association.
  • Eliminating ALA’s influence in librarian certification and returning the certification responsibility to the local community
  • Removes the requirement for librarians and Directors of public library systems to be certified by the State Board.
  • Redirecting control over library materials and operations to local communities.

Frontline firmly believes that Georgia taxpayer funds should be utilized in a manner that aligns with the values and principles of our state’s citizens. The allocation of these funds to the ALA, under its current leadership and ideological direction, stands in stark contrast to this principle. Senate Bill 390 is a necessary step to ensure that our taxpayer money supports organizations and initiatives that truly respect and reflect the state of Georgia.

For more information about SB 390 and Frontline’s efforts, please visit www.FrontlinePolicy.com.

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Frontline stands as Georgia’s foremost pro-life and pro-family organization, committed to safeguarding the core values that define our state’s identity. Reorganized and established under the leadership of Cole Muzio in 2021, Frontline has been at the forefront of groundbreaking legislative initiatives, including the Heartbeat Bill and the Parental Bill of Rights. For more information, please visit www.FrontlinePolicy.com.