Few leaders in Georgia have done more for the cause of freedom than Senator Mary Harbin. I am confident of his re-election, but I wanted to make sure to issue a wholehearted endorsement.

Marty Harbin is one of the strongest allies of Frontline Policy Action under the Gold Dome. He has fought tirelessly for our values – often even going against the grain of the political establishment. He is unafraid to stand for what he believes to be right, and we are proud to endorse his candidacy.

We need more leaders like Marty Harbin who will not think about politics or care about the status quo. Marty is going to stand for what’s right, regardless of the political cost. I am proud to know him and to count him as a friend.

Please join us in supporting Senator Marty Harbin for re-election!

For Freedom,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action