Earlier this year, we endorsed Matt Reeves in his bid for the State House. We are proud to affirm that endorsement and encourage you to cast your vote for him TODAY!

What we said then still holds true – People in District 99 know Matt Reeves because he has been in their community, attended their events, knocked on their door, shook their hand, and listened to their concerns. Few people work harder in politics than Matt Reeves, and even fewer possess his unique ability to fight the tough fights and do so with a smile. A strong conservative that has been a great Frontline ally, Matt is going to be a strong difference for his district and for Georgia.

This will be one of the most watched races in the entire state – either ensuring a majority that supports parents, backs the blue, and protects freedom or putting our ability to pass good legislation very much in doubt. We are asking you to do all that you can to make a difference in this pivotal seat!

Let’s elect Matt Reeves!

For Freedom,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action