Frontline does not endorse in every race, and Insurance Commissioner is the type of race we have often stayed out of. This year, however, we feel compelled to get involved for two reasons:

(1) Because Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner increasingly needs to be prepared to stand boldly against wokeness and for our values, and

(2) Because John King is an outstanding man, strong leader, bold conservative, ally for Governor Kemp and our agenda, and unwavering advocate for the people of Georgia

For these reasons and more, Frontline is proud to endorse John King for Insurance Commissioner.

John King is a man of many titles. He’s been a police chief, a Major General, and now Insurance Commissioner. In each of these roles, he has brought honor, integrity, patriotism, leadership, and a true desire to serve.

Commissioner King is also a strong conservative. After the Dobbs leak, he joined us for a press conference heralding the news, and he is a frequent visitor at the State Capitol advocating for our values.

As the first statewide Hispanic official in Georgia history, John King’s voice carries tremendous credibility, and he is an important part of our movement as we seek to build our base.

In this election, his opponent wants to turn the department into a vehicle of wokeness. John King will not let that happen!

That’s why I am asking you to stand with Frontline for a man who has served our nation and our state with distinction. Vote John King for Insurance Commissioner!

Standing with King,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action