Rep. Ed Setzler is now running for the State Senate, and the impact he is going to make in that Chamber is will be massive. For his conservative leadership, stellar record, and strong connection with this movement, we were proud to make Ed our first endorsement in the 2022 cycle (see here) and to support him in the primary. Today, we want to remind you that you have the opportunity to vote for a difference maker, and we urge you to do so today.

Ed is known across the country for his leadership in authoring and passing the nation’s best pro-life law – it is thoughtful, pro-woman, and logically sound. He has also built a track record of fighting for the best education for our kids, opposing woke indoctrination, standing up for school choice, and ensuring safe and thriving communities for our children to be raised in. Throughout his career, Ed has been a voice for the voiceless and brings an independent perspective in advocating for more freedom, more rights, and more opportunities for every single Georgian regardless of background. On top of that, Ed Setzler is a man of integrity who truly cares for his community.

You could not ask for a better advocate for your family, your values, and your business. Please vote for Ed Setzler TODAY!

For Freedom,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action