Matt Brass is my State Senator, representing me and my family. Over the last several years, he has made me proud to have him in that role, and he has been an unwavering voice against wokeness in education, for the rights of parents, and for the cause of life. I was proud to endorse Matt in the primary (his endorsement is included here), and we want to remind you today that we stand with Matt Brass.

Matt is a strong conservative, and he is respected for his diligence in his role. He has cultivated relationships, put in the work, and built significant influence that he utilizes to advance our community and our cause. In the battle for election integrity, Matt was one of the most ardent voices for SB 202, and, without Matt Brass, our Save Our Students Agenda – pushing back against wokeness in schools – would have been in significant jeopardy. I look forward to seeing Matt’s impact increase in the coming years, and I know that he will not let us down.

Please join me in voting for Matt Brass for State Senate today!

For Freedom,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action