Election Day is today, and we wanted to send out a few more endorsements as we work to affirm those who stand for our values.

A few of the candidates in the list below – statewide leader Tim Echols and my personal representatives Rep. Josh Bonner and Sen. Matt Brass – do not have challengers in the primary. However, I wanted to make certain to share how proud I was to cast my vote for them.

Others on this list are running against some really quality candidates, and – since we don’t weigh in on every race – I considered letting it play out. However, when office holders do the right thing, especially when it is politically inconvenient to do so, they deserve to be rewarded and recognized. See our endorsements below:

Tim Echols, PSC 2: “Few people have done more to advance the conservative movement, grow it, and ensure its future than Tim Echols. He has unwavering integrity, strong faith, and genuine commitment to our principles, and I am proud to call him a friend and ally. On the Public Service Commission, Tim has done an outstanding job and has shown strong leadership. Every Georgian should enthusiastically vote for his re-election.”

Senator Brian Strickland, Senate District 17: “During the battle for the Heartbeat Bill, Planned Parenthood and the radical pro-abortion protesters targeted ‘swing district legislators’ like Brian Strickland. They worked to intimidate, bully, and threaten anyone they could argue might lose their seat for voting for life. Brian Strickland didn’t waver. He stood strong, and he has been a good friend and ally on numerous issues that make life better for Georgia families.”

Senator John Kennedy, Senate District 18: “Whether it’s been the Heartbeat Bill, major school reforms, or strong gains for our businesses, John Kennedy has played a role in making Georgia a great place to live, work, and raise a family. John is a reliable, steadfast conservative leader under the Gold Dome, and we are proud to endorse his re-election bid.”

Senator Matt Brass, Senate District 28: “Matt Brass is a bold conservative who doesn’t back down. Yet, in the State Senate, he has shown strong leadership, collegiality, and personal integrity that has allowed him to build trust and influence – influence he has utilized to advance the causes we care about. Matt is highly effective, and I am proud to call him my senator, a good friend, and a true advocate for our values.”

Shelly Echols, Senate District 49: “Shelly Echols is a strong conservative and pro-life warrior who is going to be a welcome addition to the State Senate. She will not flinch when it comes to protecting our values, and she has proven – through community activism and leadership – to be worthy of your trust. We are proud to endorse her candidacy.”

Donna Kosicki, House District 22: “We need legislators ready to make a difference. Donna is ready, and she has the wisdom and principles needed to be a strong conservative advocate for us. She has a strong coalition of trusted allies standing with her, and we are proud to join them to support this pro-life, pro-student conservative for State House.”

Representative Josh Bonner, House District 73: “There is nobody I trust more to advance our values, be strategic, achieve results, and honor Christ in the process than Josh Bonner. He is a powerful voice for life, faith, family, and freedom, and he has the character and leadership that Christians should look for in a legislator. My family is blessed to call Josh Bonner our representative, but our state is blessed to have him winning for all of its families. I wholeheartedly endorse his re-election.”


Our state is also seeing concerned citizens rising up – parents and community leaders – to engage on local school boards. We plan to get involved in more local races over time, but here are three school board candidates running for the first time that I wanted to spotlight:

Chris Gregory, Cherokee: “Chris has been a strong leader in the community, and we were proud to connect with her for advice on a new Frontline project. Cherokee deserves school board members with tenacity, toughness, and commitment to students. She has our full endorsement to fight for our values on the Cherokee County School Board.”

Mike Valdes, Forsyth: “Mike and his wife Flo have been on the frontlines battling for our students, and I am so excited to see Mike step forward to run for office. He’s been to the meetings, engaged in the community, approached his campaign with seriousness and thoughtfulness, and built a strong coalition of support. Mike Valdes is going to make a great member of the Forsyth County School Board, and I am proud to support his candidacy.”

Julie Mauck, Oconee: “There’s a reason conservatives are uniting behind Julie’s candidacy for school board. She’s been a leader in the community and established trust with those making a difference for students throughout the state. I have no doubt that she will fight hard for us on the Oconee School Board, and I’m proud to support her.”


For Victory,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action