For nearly a decade, Lisa Kinnemore has fought for our children on the school board – standing with teachers, supporting our schools, and protecting our children from the insertion of politics in the classroom.

Now, she looks to bring that experience to represent you and your family.

Frontline Policy Action is proud to endorse Lisa Kinnemore as your voice in the State House.

Lisa Kinnemore is a class act and as gracious and humble of a person as you could ever hope to meet. She is running to make sure you have a voice – that the issues that impact your kitchen table are represented. Lisa will fight against inflation, for lower taxes, and for a quality education. She has a track record of public service and of making a positive impact on the lives of people. I have not doubt that she will be a difference maker for your community.

Let’s elect Lisa Kinnemore!

For Freedom,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action