Yes, Primary Day was just 4 weeks ago, and we are already seeing ads for November.

But first, we have business to do – we have an obligation to vote TODAY for the conservative candidates on our runoff ballots.

Across the state, there are local, state, and federal elections that are so important. Frontline isn’t weighing in on many of them, but your vote is nonetheless important. No matter what, CAST YOUR BALLOT TODAY.

As a reminder, here are some of our endorsements:

CD-6 – VOTE RICH MCCORMICK, a trusted conservative Christian who knows how to get things done. Rich is a difference maker, and he is grounded in his views. We need someone who hasn’t shifted, won’t compromise, won’t change based on political expediency, and brings fortitude, toughness, and leadership. That’s Rich McCormick!

CD-7 – VOTE MARK GONSALVES, a strong businessman who is unafraid to stand for life and families. Against Lucy McBath, Mark is committed to running a campaign rooted in sharp contrast to his leftist opponent.

CD-10 – VOTE MIKE COLLINS and protect the 10th from a pro-abortion lifelong liberal with significant baggage. Mike is the ONLY pro-life candidate in this race, and he’s the only one who understands and cares for the 10th Congressional District. This is a race conservatives cannot afford to lose. I implore you – VOTE MIKE COLLINS!

HD-24 – VOTE SHERI GILLIGAN who has been a great friend and strong conservative ally in the State House.

HD-28 – VOTE BRENT COX, a great pro-life, pro-family conservative also supported by Rep. Will Wade.

Gwinnett School Board #4 – VOTE ALEXIS WILLIAMS, who is the real deal as a woman of faith who will fight for our students.

Another race of note:

CD-2 – Jeremy Hunt v. Chris West is a fascinating race. To me, it’s a shame this has gotten nasty. Both candidates are good conservatives, and we are focused on supporting the winner against Sanford Bishop. If you live in CD-2, pick the candidate who best fits your vision for that race. Jeremy is one of the most talented candidates I’ve seen, is a strong believer, and national resources are committed behind him. Chris has deep roots in the district, understands the 2nd, and is a good conservative. The two are very different, but each has a compelling argument. However, here’s one thing we don’t like: a lawsuit has been filed in this race. I believe the suit is both silly and unnecessarily divisive. I’d encourage you to consider the candidates on their merits.

Wherever, you are – take a stand TODAY. If you don’t know what’s on your ballot, check out

To Victory,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action