With less than one month to go before the May 24th primary election, Frontline Policy Action is proud to announce its first round of legislative endorsements – supporting a dozen legislators with a strong record of standing for our values.

These legislators are: Senator Chuck Payne (SD-54), Representative Kasey Carpenter (HD-4), Representative Jason Ridley (HD-6), Representative Will Wade (HD-9), Representative Martin Momtahan (HD-17), Representative Sheri Gilligan (HD-24), Representative Emory Dunahoo (HD-31), Representative Beth Camp (HD-135), Representative David Jenkins (HD-136), Representative John LaHood (HD-175), and Representative Steven Meeks (HD-178), Representative Steven Sainz (HD-180).

Each of these legislators face a primary challenge. In some cases, the challengers may be fine conservatives. In others, they are not. In all cases, however, these legislators are strong allies of our organization and the movement as a whole. We need to keep these conservative, pro-life, and pro-family influencers!

Frontline Policy Action’s endorsements are the most coveted in the pro-life and pro-family movement, and we take our partnerships with our legislators very seriously. Read below to learn why we endorsed each of these strong leaders.

Senator Chuck Payne – 
“Chuck Payne is one of the strongest faith leaders under the Gold Dome, and we know that he will always stand for our values and do so in a way that honors God. As Senate Education Chairman, he helmed the committee that made a historic session for education reform possible – getting rid of obscene material, banning racist indoctrination, taking steps to save girls sports, and putting parents back in charge. Chuck Payne unequivocally stands for life, faith, family, and freedom.”


Representative Kasey Carpenter – “As a small business owner, few people have as unique of an insight into their communities as Kasey. Kasey Carpenter loves his community, and he ably represents its values. He was a strong ally for the Heartbeat Bill, the sponsor of Simon’s Law, and has an unimpeachable track record standing for the rights of parents. He’s also taken heat for standing up for religious freedom, and he refused to back down. Kasey Carpenter can be trusted to stand up for what matters to families.”


Representative Jason Ridley – “Jason is a tough, conservative legislator who always makes it clear where he stands. He came into the legislature with a clear vision to fight for freedom, and he has not backed down an inch. On every single conservative issue, Jason can be counted on to draw a line in the sand, make his position known, and take a stand for our values.”


Representative Will Wade – “Few legislators can claim the kind of impact Will Wade has already made for our values. He’s become a leading voice for the faith community under the Gold Dome, and, this session, he was the primary architect of legislation aimed at ridding our classrooms of racist indoctrination. A crucial ally in the fight to protect fairness in girls’ sports, Will is the tip of the spear in the battle to stand up for the integrity of our classrooms and ballfields, put parents and students first, and stand with our first-class educators. Time and again, Will Wade has proven that he can deliver far more than rhetoric – he puts points on the board for our conservative values.”


Representative Martin Momtahan – “Martin Momtahan is as conservative as they come, and he is a strong advocate for what matters most. I trust Martin to not just vote the right way – but also bring others in the Caucus along with him to do the right thing. He has a strong moral compass, and he never backs away from making a principled stand. Those who care about our values have a true friend in Martin Momtahan.”


Representative Sheri Gilligan – “Georgia needs unafraid conservative leaders in the General Assembly, and that is Sheri Gilligan. She has served her country and her state with distinction, and she is a forceful advocate for our values. Sheri Gilligan is never going to back down – no matter how tough a political fight is. It’s not in Sheri’s nature to shy away from key political battles, and we can always trust that she’ll make the bold stands for life, family, and freedom.”


Representative Emory Dunahoo – “Emory Dunahoo is as tough as nails, but he is also an incredibly effective legislator. He understands the process, how to build coalitions, and how to get the job done. Never backing away from our conservative principles, Emory Dunahoo delivers results, and he does so with integrity and class. The results Emory delivers for his district and for conservatism speak for themselves, and he is a key ally for people of faith under the Gold Dome.”


Representative Beth Camp – “In just her first term, Beth Camp has proven herself to be a strong and forceful advocate for our values. Already, Beth has emerged as one of the leading voices for medical freedom in our state, and she has understood the importance of this issue from Day One. We were proud to support Beth in her insurgent victory 2 years ago, and we are proud to stand with her again!”


Representative David Jenkins – “Two years ago, David Jenkins did the state a great service by sending Bob Trammell home. Since taking office, he has stood for our values and played a pivotal role in protecting freedom, standing for election integrity, and fighting back against wokeness in our schools. We are proud to stand with David Jenkins as he continues to fight for our values.”


Representative John LaHood – “John LaHood is a man of principles, character, humility, and a heart to serve. He has boldly stood for our values and done so with a Christ-like sincerity that underscores the centrality of his faith. While unafraid to stand strong against the political pressures in Atlanta, John brings a winsomeness that brings others to the conservative cause and helps us achieve major victories for our values.”


Representative Steven Meeks – “Steven Meeks represents rural Georgia values and has built a strong track record of influence and conservatism under the Gold Dome. A member of one of Georgia’s most conservative churches, Steven is a much-needed conservative ally in the battles for life, faith, family, and freedom.”


Representative Steven Sainz – “A strong ally for our values, Steven has been a strong advocate for law enforcement, for deterring evil, and standing for what’s right. He was instrumental in getting obscene materials out of schools, and he has not wavered on our conservative principles. This is not a race that we can afford to lose, and we are asking all people of faith in District 180 to vote for Steven Sainz.”

For Georgia,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action