After exclusively focusing on the state level in the primary, Frontline’s big focus in the runoff elections turned to federal races – working to ensure that we in Georgia did our part to restore a bold, pro-life and pro-family majority in Congress.

To that end, we endorsed Rich McCormick in CD-6, Mark Gonsalves in CD-7, and Mike Collins in CD-10.

And, last night, all three won landslide victories. We are proud of these three leaders, their teams, and these victories, and we are excited to have gone 3-0 in these congressional races!

Because of these wins, Georgia’s congressional delegation looks strong heading into November. While Rich McCormick needs continued support, he is running in a very Republican-friendly district and should win handily. He will take the place of Lucy McBath – now running in the Seventh Congressional District – and likely be the single biggest upgrade in congressional representation across the country.

Let me say this about Rich – he is a good man, and the Sixth Congressional District is getting a real difference maker as their next congressman!

Likewise, Mike Collins is poised to be the next congressman from the 10th Congressional District – which, unlike the 6th, has been well-represented by Jody Hice. We trust Mike to continue Jody’s legacy of fighting for conservative principles and the right to life. This victory – where Mike defeated a lifelong pro-abortion Democrat in the Republican primary – has profoundly positive implications for our state.

I cannot express enough my gratitude to Mike Collins for winning this race and protecting the people of the 10th from a truly unacceptable candidate. Our state owes you a debt, Mike!

In the 7th Congressional District, however, we do face an uphill battle. That said, I am excited about the commitment of Mark Gonsalves to conservative principles, and I know that he will give the voters in CD-7 a sharp contrast to choose from in November as he goes against Lucy McBath. [more on Mark below]

Here are some other notes and reflections as we wrap up “nomination season” and move on to November:

1) I want to congratulate Brent Cox on his nomination to represent the 28th State House District. We endorsed him late and are excited about his victory. He should be a great ally at the Capitol for us and for our friends.

2) While I am disappointed in the result, I want to congratulate Frontline-endorsed School Board candidate Alexis Williams. I also want to encourage Gwinnett conservatives. Williams lost the race 55%-45%, but she made major gains for the movement, and here is why. Gwinnett has become radically liberal very quickly, and this has had devastating effects on our kids. Yet, as the county trends ever-bluer, Alexis significantly outperformed expectations. In 2018, this seat was won by the Democrat by a 14-point margin.

While I know that a “4-point swing” does not seem like a lot on the surface, consider these two factors: 1) Gwinnett is even bluer than it was in 2018 (Kemp received 42% in 2018, whereas Trump got 40% in 2020. The county has been consistently moving in this direction since it was a red county just a decade ago). That 4-point bump is an improvement despite a harder climb. And then 2) Democrats had 4 statewide races driving turnout in this race – Republicans had none. The numbers are skewed simply because the dynamics of the race simple drove more Democrats to the polls.

While I know Dr. Williams and those who worked for her are disappointed, and I know that children will still continue to be hurt by radical policies in schools, I believe this very firmly: this campaign was a win for the resurgent conservative movement in Gwinnett, and I am grateful to Dr. Williams and all who worked so hard on her behalf.

3) Sheri Gilligan lost her runoff election last night. Over the years, Sheri has been a good friend to me and his organization, and she has been a stalwart for this movement. I am very sorry to see her leave the General Assembly, and I’d encourage you to send her a Facebook message of appreciation for her tireless service.

4) Mark Gonsalves – running in the 7th Congressional District – is really doing something right. I have seen candidates in similar races do one of two things: 1) pretend they aren’t running an uphill campaign or 2) be so blatant about running an uphill campaign that they become defeatist. Mark is doing neither. He’s open that this district is not drawn well for him, yet the exudes optimism, belief, and a commitment to running a strong campaign. This is a smart guy, and I encourage everyone to – while keeping expectations realistic – refuse to give up on the Seventh!

5) I have never seen a campaign staff so loyal, connected, hard-working, and committed as the Rich McCormick Team. Because Rich is such an outstanding individual, I know he makes it easy for them to believe in their cause. Nevertheless, that group faced some unique challenges, and they handled themselves in such a Christ-like way. If you want to see a God-honoring team function, go to an event and see how these folks interact with one another! Huge shoutout to them!

6) Chris West is the nominee in the Second Congressional District, and we need to make him the next congressman! Sanford Bishop has held that seat for far too long with disastrous results. Chris, on the other hand, is a good man and a strong conservative. We will have a lot more to say about this race in the coming days, but I issue a strong congratulations to Chris – who shocked a lot of people by winning this race. His victory shows the strength of his reputation in the area, and I am happy for him.

7) Also in the Second District, Jeremy Hunt really impressed me. Jeremy is a sharp, sharp candidate, and I really hope his time in Georgia politics isn’t over.

8) I am incredibly excited for this organization and this movement. Frontline won a LOT of races, and we built on our leading track record of results. At the same time and in part because of our combined efforts, I believe we are primed to shift this state in a more conservative direction. This is a great slate of pro-life, pro-family candidates, and I am excited for the future of Georgia!

Now, we are on to November! Let’s win big!

God Bless,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action