I know it feels like you just voted. But it is time to do it again.

Across the state, there are critical runoff elections – with conservative candidates for Congress on down to School Board. Early voting is now underway, and Election Day is a week from today, June 21st.

Some of you may have multiple races to vote in – some of them big races. Others may have just a race or two down-ballot. (As for me personally, there will only be one School Board race on my ballot.) You can view your ballot here.

But we know this – EVERY race is important. EVERY opportunity to vote is important. EVERY chance you have to pick the strongest and most effective pro-life, pro-family, and pro-faith candidate is important.

Don’t miss this chance to vote in the runoffs!

Across the state, there are four congressional races where voters still must decide their conservative choice.

In District 2, Frontline has been watching Chris West and Jeremy Hunt battle it out. We like both candidates and do not want to divide anyone ahead of a critical November race to defeat Sanford Bishop. For that reason, we have not made an endorsement. That said, both candidates have very different arguments as to how they will win that race, and we encourage you to check them out and cast your vote for the one you believe in the most.

In District 6, Frontline has endorsed Dr. Rich McCormick as the tough conservative needed to build winning coalitions and achieve results in Washington.

In District 7, Frontline has endorsed Mark Gonsalves as the candidate who believes that the way to take on Lucy McBath is by running a bold conservative campaign.

In District 10, Frontline has endorsed Mike Collins as the hardworking conservative who knows and cares for the 10th District. This is also the only race where we are drawing a line in the sand – AGAINST his opponent. Vernon Jones is an unacceptable choice with a liberal voting record and is someone conservative, Christian voters cannot trust to represent them.

Again, please note, Frontline – which has no problem speaking out against those who oppose our values – would fully support 7 of these 8 congressional candidates. However, we urge voters in the 10th Congressional District – in the strongest of terms – to reject Vernon Jones’ candidacy of deception. A man who spent 30 years supporting abortion and then lies about – instead of repenting of – his record does not deserve your trust or your vote.

We also have endorsed Sheri Gilligan for State House (Forsyth County) and will be sending out and endorsement for Dr. Alexis Williams for School Board (Gwinnett County) very soon. Keep an eye out for other potential endorsements.

No matter what may be on your ballot, please take the time to vote. Your vote has significance for our nation, our state, and for your family. And, most importantly, your vote is a way to honor God with your biblical citizenship.

Because Your Vote Matters,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action


P.S.  Just across the border in Alabama, a State Senate race was decided by ONE VOTE. That’s right, literally ONE VOTE. Many of our priority races will all come down to turn out, and your vote counts. So, please make sure to VOTE!

PPS.  If you’d like to contribute to our GOTV efforts, we have an important expenditure we’d love your help with. Please consider a generous $75, $150, or $500 donation TODAY!