Raphael Warnock, a “pastor,” has a closing message up days before Election Day. This closing message is the thing he wants you to remember about him as you go vote – he is 100% committed to aborting children with medical complications.

That’s what the “reverend” wants you to know, and he even alludes to that commitment being a “faith-based” one in his latest ad.

Frontline Policy Action is the only pro-life group in Georgia working to elect a broad slate of candidates up and down the ballot who view all human life as valuable. To date, we have endorsed 7 candidates for statewide constitutional office, 8 federal candidates, and 69 legislative candidates – those who are committed to seeing life protected and standing against the evil espoused by the Warnock-Abrams Pro-Abortion Team.

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The closing message of Raphael Warnock isn’t just about abortion, it gets to a fundamental issue of worldview. Raphael Warnock simply doesn’t believe the Bible when it says we are ALL made in God’s image, intentionally designed by our Creator, and therefore valuable.

Failure to adhere to that worldview is not only evil for a pastor, but it has devastating public policy consequences:

An elderly or infirmed person? Raphael Warnock will not treat them as though their life is valuable.

A child struggling with gender identity issues? Raphael Warnock will not treat them as though they were intentionally designed by God – he will support castrating them.

Civil unrest or racist indoctrination? Raphael Warnock will not see all of us as children of God – he will divide us by our characteristics and feed into that divide for political gain.

Raphael Warnock and his anti-biblical worldview – one shared by Stacey Abrams – is dangerous. Please chip in whatever you can TODAY to help us keep fighting back!

Setting aside the politics, it is deeply disturbing that “Reverend” Raphael Warnock has chosen the abortion issue as the one he wants to lead with. It’s sad that this “Pastor” chooses to see no hope in a life simply because of a potentially faulty diagnosis – that he would believe that ending that child’s life is the right thing to do. Mr. Warnock is not on the right side of history nor is he espousing biblical truth. He is, sadly, making it clear to all Georgians that he is beholden to a radical ideology, one that has devastating public policy consequences.

We can send him – and the entire pro-abortion Left – our closing message. A message that we will stand strong, we won’t back down, and we stand for the value of all people.

Let’s win, together!

For Life,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action