An exclusive leak to Politico – which, if real, likely comes from a leftist on the Court trying to “sound the alarm” – shows that the Court is set to overturn Roe.

This is the news we have been praying for!!!

Here is the article:

Now, we must encourage some measure of caution. This could be real, but nothing is final until the opinion is released. Remain vigilant in your prayers!

If real and, ultimately, what is released by the Court, this would revert abortion law back to the states and our Heartbeat Law would be implemented.

This has major election ramifications – meaning the 2022 election is literally life or death for thousands of preborn babies.

Pray urgently.

Vote for pro-life candidates.

What a moment to be alive! I won’t fully celebrate until made official by the Court but… WOW! This. Could. Be. It!!!

In 2018, I was proud to join Representative Ed Setzler and Governor Brian Kemp in starting the Heartbeat conversation, and we were proud to lead the fight – alongside those pro-life warriors and Renee Unterman – for its passage in 2019. But the fight to stop the killing – and make abortion unthinkable – is only beginning.

Be in prayer!

For Life,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action

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