For the past (nearly) two years, Frontline has been leading the charge for life, family, faith, and freedom. From the moment we launched, we have taken on the battle, stood strong, and worked tirelessly to be the organization God has called us to be.

July 1st is our “birthday” or “anniversary” – however you want to phrase it. That day will mark 2 years since we kicked off, and it will also be the start of a new fiscal year.

That’s why we have a strong fundraising blitz as we try to close out Year 2 – so that we can start Year 3 in a winning position!

DONATE TODAY to celebrate our anniversary and help us reach our fiscal year end goal. Your donation makes a HUGE difference whether that is $5 or $5,000. Every donor, every bit of support counts!

This year, our organization has achieved more than ever. That has been made possible because we have also raised more than ever.

However, I hate to tell you that we are still short of our year-end goal.

In order to execute our BIG plans for the crucial 23-24 fiscal year, we need to start the year off in a strong position, and I need your help! Our team has plans to grow, a record-setting number of bills to lobby for, and huge plans to affect the Georgia landscape, especially ahead of and during an election year with so much on the line.

To make a tax-deductible donation to Frontline Policy Council – which does education and policy – PLEASE DONATE HERE!

To make a donation to Frontline Policy Action (not tax deductible) – which does lobbying and elections – PLEASE DONATE HERE!

We are just days away and need your help reaching our goal. Please prayerfully consider stepping up for us today.

Humbly Asking for Help,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy