If you have ever been in the same room as me and my wife, you have noticed something about us – she’s WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out of my league.

We recently celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary, and I have no idea why she continues to stick with me. I can tell you one thing, though, she has taken on way more than she bargained for.

When I was “recruiting” my wife to marry me, I did everything I could to charm that beautiful woman. One thing I never told her: “Hey babe, one day I am going to lead a Christian non-profit and go around the state talking about really controversial issues, working long hours, and making a non-profit salary.”

It wasn’t my recruiting pitch, but it was God’s calling and plan for our lives.

It has been a remarkable journey since moving here to launch the predecessor organization for Frontline and, ultimately, launching Frontline nearly two years ago. It has been far more challenging than I could have ever imagined, but God has shown – time and again – that this is where He wants us.

Right here. Fighting the fight. And, Standing up Against Evil.

There is pure evil in this country and in our state. Evil that wants to end the lives of children before they take their first breath. Evil that wants to indoctrinate children to stand against their parents and against God’s Design. Evil that wants to mutilate and castrate them so that they will forever live outside of their own biology.

Evil that seeks to impose its set of values over God’s plan. Evil that wants to deny you your freedom and your family opportunities to thrive. And, evil that thinks the government owns your children, not you.

My family and I are on this journey to fight back against this evil, and I’m asking you to join us ahead of our critical June 30 deadline – with a goal to raise $26,000 before midnight. Please prayerfully consider a generous $25, $100, $250, or greater donation today!

We did not enter this arena to play or to coast. We know the serious and precarious position our nation is in and the crucial role our state plays in our lives and the direction of this country. We are in this to make a BIG difference, to cast a BIG vision, and to stand for the Word of our BIG God!

As such, we never back down. We seek a winsome tone, but we speak with a leadership voice. We will speak up, stand up, and we will charge, onward!

I believe in the vision of this ministry, and that’s why, coming up on two years ago, we took the big step to launch Frontline. As we come up on our 2nd Anniversary and the end of this second fiscal year, I am asking for your help to begin Year #3 in a strong position.

We are $26,000 short of our end-of-year goal. Will you help us reach that goal by generously donating whatever you can – no amount is too small and certainly no amount is too big 😊 DONATE HERE TODAY!

Scripture tells us that “the people who know their God will stand firm and take action.” Since taking this leap of faith and this job, I have committed to being a leader of action. I have not always been perfect. I’ve said things I should have rephrased or left unsaid. Not every decision has gone exactly flawlessly. But, God has nonetheless blessed this ministry with results.

Nearly two years in, we stand resolute in the fight – committed to Standing Against Evil, no matter the cost.

In the Fight,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy