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Last week, we shared an article about Ohio Governor DeWine’s deeply disappointing veto of the SAFE Act. This bill sought to protect girls’ sports and children from dangerous transgender surgeries.

Thankfully, the Ohio House of Representatives has taken a bold stance against this moral failing by voting 65 to 28 to override DeWine’s reckless decision. Now, the bill heads to the Senate, where it needs 20 votes to ensure that Ohio does not succumb to the radical transgender agenda.

We stand with the Ohio legislature in the fight to protect children from chemical sterilization and mutilation and to safeguard women’s and girls’ privacy rights in sports.


Continuing the Fight in Georgia

In recent years, Frontline took a determined stand against radical gender ideology. We have passed measures that prevent boys from playing girls’ sports and should protect kids from “reassignment” surgeries and hormone “replacement.” Unlike Ohio, we had the support of Governor Kemp and key leaders in the legislature.

However, several moderate Republicans conspired to make these efforts as watered-down as possible. They, like DeWine, were heavily influenced by the woke medical industry.

While theoretically banning surgeries and hormone treatments, the “reassignment” bill here allows for puberty blockers and a false “medically necessary exception,” making it the weakest language of its kind in the country.

We are grateful for leadership in the House that worked with us to remove protections for woke doctors, and we appreciate those who worked in good faith to achieve the most possible. However, we will not forget the faux-conservative members who bowed to the demands of liberal interests, sided with insane “gender theory,” and advocated for weakness.

We remain committed to the cause, fighting to ensure that the well-being of our children and the fairness of girls’ sports are not compromised.

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About Frontline

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