This past week, the General Assembly convened for the first week of the 2024 legislative session. Here’s what you need to know:


1. On Wednesday, SB 172, was reintroduced from last year. This is a bill that would expand highly addictive sports betting in Georgia. We strongly oppose this bill which would lead to higher addiction rates, personal bankruptcies, and job losses. It is imperative that Georgia prioritizes the well-being of its citizens over well-funded special interests.

2. On Thursday, in his State of the State address, Governor Kemp outlined Georgia’s remarkable economic achievements, underscoring his commitment to fiscal responsibility. He proudly announced pay increases for dedicated state employees and funding to secure the futures of our retirees. Kemp passionately advocated for the importance of school choice, signaling that this is the year to make it a reality. He reaffirmed his dedication to combating human trafficking, prioritizing healthcare and mental health, and standing firmly behind our law enforcement. Governor Kemp’s leadership embodies Georgia’s values and unwavering belief in the American Dream. You can watch the full address here.

3. On Thursday, Senator Randy Robertson introduced SB 332, a bill that would remove the barrier of Supreme Court clearance for the governing rules of the commission. With the recent news about the allegations against Fulton County DA Fani Willis, it is clear that this bill is absolutely necessary to uphold the integrity of our legal system.

4. On Thursday, Chairman Rick Jasperse introduced HB 910, a bill that will implement age verification for online adult material in Georgia.  We are grateful for Jasperse’s leadership on this issue, and strongly support this bill that will protect children from unrestricted pornographic content!

5. On Friday, SB 172 was tabled on the Senate floor for a later vote, signaling that the support to pass it is not there.

All throughout this week, the Frontline Strategy team was at the Capitol, connecting, meeting, and planning with legislators. In the photos below, the Frontline team is meeting with Rep. Todd Jones, Rep. Scott Hilton, and Labor Commissioner Bruce Thompson.


Our Church Ambassador Network was also at the Capitol, meeting and praying with government officials. If you are a pastor and would like to come to the Capitol to uphold a biblical standard in policy, you can email Scott McInnis at


The General Assembly convenes again for Day 6 of the legislative session on January 22nd.