On January 20, 2025, America will witness the inauguration of its next President.

The question is, who will that be? Will it be an unfit 82-year-old who has led the sharpest decline in American history? Will it be his joke of a Vice President or the most radical and wicked Governor in the nation? ANY of those options would make life even more untenable for families, promote a harmful agenda, and further challenge the foundational values that have historically made America great.

Or, will we see a leader who will swear on the Bible to uphold the office’s integrity – one who will reverse the decline, reduce prices, protect life, restore America’s global stature, end the current chaos, and uphold the American ideal?

That determination will be made by Georgia, and I know that people of faith – those aligned with Frontline’s values – are the single largest voting bloc in making that decision.

To help us reach those voters in 2024, please make a generous donation to the Frontline War Chest TODAY!

January 20, 2025, is fast approaching, and what we do now will define the course of our nation.

Counting on you,

Cole Muzio 

President, Frontline Policy