Joe Biden and his radical administration are doing everything they can to attack this country, indoctrinate our children, and transform our nation into a Marxist, anti-God totalitarian state.

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Did you know that Georgia is one of the top four “swing states” heading into the 2024 election? No conservative can hope to win the White House without our 16 electoral college votes!

Frontline Policy Action will not stop working until Georgia is flipped from a “swing state” into one that is reliably God-honoring with how it votes, how it operates, and how its culture engages.

Next year, 236 legislative seats will be on the ballot as will 14 congressional races, countless local races, and the bid for the White House. Your support of Frontline Policy Action allows us to engage in those races, support God-honoring candidates, and spend money on the resources needed to win.

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I am committed to seeing the incompetent and radical tyranny of the Biden Administration ended, but that fight starts now. Will you join us?


Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy