As our organization remains committed to providing bold, biblical leadership and vision for Georgia, we are thrilled to announce the hiring of Kevin Cooke as Frontline’s VP of Strategy!

Kevin previously served in the Georgia General Assembly from 2011-2021 and earned a reputation as one of its staunchest conservatives. Recently, he held the position of State Director for AFP Georgia where he continued his passion of reducing the size of government and protecting freedom. A strong believer and devoted family man, Kevin is exactly the type of leader that will help Frontline achieve next level success at the Capitol and at the ballot box.

When I first came to Georgia, I had the privilege of meeting with Kevin briefly and walked away convinced that he must be someone that held a leadership position in the Capitol. He was bright, intuitive, and had a strong set of conservative principles informed by a biblical worldview.

Later I realized that Kevin’s willingness to go against the grain, do the right thing, and stand his ground made it difficult to rise through the ranks regardless of his natural legislative talent.

In office, he was bold and willing to stand for a cause. As the newest member of the Frontline team, we are counting on him to continue to be bold, effective, and innovative as we strive to take our initiatives to the next level.

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I will work closely with Kevin to put together our legislative agenda and our elections strategy. We will make certain that we have a robust slate of bills that will move the needle for Georgia families, businesses, and churches, an effective lobbying game-plan to see it come to fruition, and an elections focus that shifts the Georgia General Assembly rightward – by supporting those who do right, opposing those who do not, and gaining ground when seats are opened up.

God has prepared and gifted Kevin for such a role and for such a time as this. He is a unique talent, an experienced and savvy legislator, and a God-honoring warrior for the Kingdom.

It is a great privilege to welcome my friend – and this extraordinary statesman – to our team!

For His Glory,


Cole Muzio

President, Frontline Policy