As we approach year end and reflect on what was achieved, I want to recognize an important asset for our great state.

When I left the corporate world to serve Georgia in the United States Senate, one thing was abundantly clear. In policy, there are workhorses and show ponies.

Workhorses are behind the scenes understanding the issues, drafting legislation, crafting talking points, and mobilizing the grassroots.

Show ponies are looking for a television camera so they can take credit.

There’s no doubt that Frontline is a workhorse. Their track record of advancing policies that defend families and advance freedom is unmatched.

Over the last several years, I’ve been proud to stand with Cole and his team in the fight to safeguard innocent, human life. We’ve worked to Save Girls Sports and ensure that schools are places of learning – not indoctrination. And we’ve partnered to safeguard the ballot box so it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat in Georgia.

This success would not have been possible without patriots like you, who help underwrite Frontline’s efforts. Your donations – big and small – fund their efforts under the Gold Dome and throughout our great state. Your support is vital as we prepare for the 2023 Legislative Session and an opportunity to pass even more common sense, conservative legislation into law.

As you finalize your End of Year giving plan, please consider Frontline. Let’s keep the workhorses at the forefront of the conservative movement in Georgia!

Donate HERE to support my friends at Frontline Policy Action.

Best regards,

Kelly Loeffler
Former U.S. Senator