Last week, I shared some big news:

▪ That Frontline was hiring Scott McInnis, a pastor, to work with me to lead our education and ministry efforts,
▪ That we would be launching Church Ambassador Network – a major initiative aimed at convening pastors with government officials to minister, pray, share the Word, and discuss policies that benefit our neighbor,
▪ And, that we had a $50,000 matching grant to help us fund empowering God’s Church to fulfill its biblical mandate to be salt and light.

I’d like to apologize because I was wrong about one thing – the match is now $100,000, and I am asking for your help to reach this goal.

▪ Your donation of $100 has a $200 impact to help us get pastors more engaged in the policy process.
▪ Your donation of $250 has a $500 impact to empower prayer at the Gold Dome and put God at the center of government decisions.
▪ Your donation of $500 has a $1000 impact to set up meetings with pastors and government leaders where the Word of God will unashamedly be shared, often with non-believing officials who need to hear the Truth.
▪ Your donation of $1000 has a $2000 impact to ensure that God’s Church speaks to our culture and the decisions made for the people of Georgia.

I firmly believe this initiative will be spiritually transformative and highly impactful on the policies that affect us all. Can I count on you to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation of $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or more today – with everything you give being matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR?

Everywhere I go, Christians are desperate to see the Church get more involved in the process. This is how we do it!

We are privileged to work with and collaborate with other partners around the country who know how to make this work, how to be successful, and how to keep Christ front and center. I am fully committed to seeing the halls and offices of the Gold Dome be filled with frontline pastors, filled with prayer, and filled with the sharing of God’s Word.

Imagine, my friends, the impact that will have!

I’m asking you to be a part of it. Church Ambassador Network will require a substantial, long-term investment from our organization, and that’s why ministry partners have stepped forward to offer this generous $100,000 match – so your donation can be matched dollar for dollar.

Help us empower God’s Church by making a generous TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation TODAY!

I am so grateful for this opportunity, for you, for your prayers, for your support, and for the impact Church Ambassador Network will have. I am also grateful for the blessing of having Scott McInnis join our team – working with Sam Thomas who has already been with us working with churches.

My friends, this is a key moment for this mnistry, and we are so excited for what is in store. God is so good, and I’m eager to watch Him use this mightily!

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy