What a day!

Frontline Policy Action – joined by other movement leaders, candidates and officials – just hosted a Fight for Life Event to declare boldly and clearly that we are ready to stand for every single life, defend Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill, and win at the ballot box, at the Capitol, and in the hearts and minds of Georgians.

Here are a few memorable quotes from Cole, Frontline’s President, at the event today:

“Our message today to the Supreme Court is simple: Hold the line. Do what is right. Correct the wrong and end the tyranny of Roe.”

“I triple dog dare Stacey Abrams and her woke sidekicks to campaign on abortion-on-demand, boys playing girls’ sports, and the repeal of the Parental Bill of Rights.”

And here are some of the great pictures:

Frontline is leading the charge for life and is ready to fight. We are fighting for life ahead of May 24th. We are fighting for life ahead of November. We are fighting for life ahead of next legislative session. And we are fighting for life in our culture.

Beatrice Shakal, our Director of Alliances, even previewed a special announcement for next week about a whole new pro-life initiative! Stay tuned for more info next week!

Can you help us Fight for Life? Please give your best gift today to help us continue to lead the charge to save lives!

Ready to Fight for Life,

Frontline Policy Action Team