Earlier this year, we endorsed Scott Hilton in his election bid for the State House. We are proud to affirm that endorsement and encourage you to cast your vote for him TODAY!

What we said then still holds true – Scott Hilton is a difference maker. Period. He connects with people, listens, and fights for what matters to them. He’s the kind of leader who combines unwavering conservative principles with a unique ability to win people to the cause. In public service, Scott has advocated for opportunity in education, constitutional freedoms, strong families, and thriving businesses. He is a great candidate, outstanding leader, and high quality person of integrity. We absolutely have to get Scott Hilton back in the State House!

I’ll add this – your district is one of the most important races in the entire state. We are counting on you to win and send one of the most effective pro-business, pro-family voices I know, Scott Hilton, to the State Capitol.

Let’s elect Scott Hilton!

For Freedom,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action