Today, the State Senate passed SB 514 – which allows parents to opt their child out of mask mandates – and SB 456 – which requires that abortion-minded women receive an in-person examination before being prescribed dangerous abortion-inducing drugs. We wanted to share with you the press statements we just sent out.

Following the passage of SB514, which allows parents to be able to opt their child out of mask mandates, Frontline Policy Action issued the following statement:

“The masking of kids to advance a partisan COVID ideology underscores a sad reality of politics infiltrating our schools to the detriment of our students. The psychological effects of forced masking have been devastating, and the failed policy is not rooted in science. It was imperative that Governor Kemp take the lead to end this local abuse, and we applaud Senator Dixon and the Georgia State Senate for their action today.”

Following the passage of SB456, which prohibits any manufacturer, supplier, physician, qualified physician, or any other person to provide any abortion-inducing drug via courier, delivery, or mail service, Frontline Policy Action issued the following statement:

“Today’s vote shows that Georgia cares more about healthcare than radical ideologies,” said Cole Muzio, President of Frontline Policy Action. “The woke Biden Administration showed a complete disregard for women with its abortion pill by mail agenda. These pills are dangerous and, when prescribed without an in-person examination and the protections outlined in SB 456, can be deadly. Passage of this bill ensures that women will have access to the care they deserve and the knowledge that they need as they make a consequential choice. We know with absolute certainty that this bill protects women, and we hope that this bill, through increased knowledge, will also save lives. Senator Bruce Thompson and the Georgia State Senate deserve our gratitude for their bold action today.”

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action