Brian Kemp – Governor

Burt Jones – Lt. Governor

Brad Raffensperger – Secretary of State

Chris Carr – Attorney General

Tyler Harper – Agriculture Commissioner

John King – Insurance & Fire Safety Commissioner

Bruce Thompson – Labor Commissioner

Richard Woods – State School Superintendent

Jon Burns – Speaker of the House of Representatives

Governor Brian Kemp has been sworn in, and his second term as our state’s chief executive has begun.

As a citizen of this great state, I consider it a great privilege to have him at the helm – making decisions affecting me and my family.

As the leader of the state’s largest pro-life and pro-family organization and as someone who has enjoyed the opportunity to work closely with a godly Governor and his Administration, I consider it a great blessing to partner with a man of faith, courage, integrity, and conservative principles to achieve generational wins.

Governor Kemp’s first term was extraordinary. He has led us to unprecedented prosperity, championed the Heartbeat Law with personhood provisions (a gamechanger that has seen abortions plummet!), opened our state FIRST and protected freedoms in the midst of a weaponized global pandemic, signed the nation’s #1 election integrity law, and saved our students from indoctrination with a bold legislative package in 2022.

And, importantly, he saved our state from the evil Stacey Abrams sought to unleash.

These last 4 years have been incredible for Georgia and would not have been possible without a faithful and tireless Governor – or the incredible efforts and sacrifices of First Lady Marty Kemp and their girls.

But – the mission is not complete.

Today, we celebrate an Inauguration – not because of the past or because it’s the culmination. Today’s swearing in means FOUR MORE YEARS.

Four more years of hard work, boldness, and conservative leadership. There is more work to do for life, for freedom, and for families. Four more years of battling woke agendas and threats facing our state.

Now is not the time to rest on our laurels or coast, and, I know Governor Kemp won’t.

And, I can promise you, we won’t either.

We have been given a gift as a state, and we won’t waste it. More winning lies ahead, and, as tough as the battles were in the rearview, we know the struggles in front of us may be the most difficult yet.

Let’s Keep Choppin!

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action



(FYI I am taking the day to celebrate my son’s birthday, but here are some photos from our team at the Inauguration)

Georgia State Convocation Center

Taylor Hawkins (Director of Advocacy) and Suzanne Hawkins (Administrative Services Manager) with John King – Insurance Commissioner, and his wife

Taylor Hawkins (Director of Advocacy) with Tyler Harper – Agriculture Commissioner

Our Team!

From left to right: Scott McInnis (Director of Council), Suzanne Hawkins (Administrative Services Manager), Taylor Hawkins (Director of Advocacy), LeAnn Tyer (Chief of Staff), Mark Gonsalves (Director of FCBA)

Taylor Hawkins (Director of Advocacy) & Mark Gonsalves (Director of FCBA)