There is no middle ground.

In this Culture War, they wanted us to “accept” civil unions, then gay marriage. They wanted us to accept that Bruce Jenner could be Caitlyn Jenner, and that we should let adults just be who they want to be.

But, that “slippery slope” has kept sliding to an all-too-inevitable place. These sick adults want our kids. They want to justify themselves through affirmation from children. They want to encourage discontentment among the innocence with their God-given bodies, and they want to “groom” them toward a deviancy that will leave them broken, mutilated, and full of despair.

We are in a battle. There can be no compromise, no looking the other way, no willingness to accept the premise of their argument. It is time to put on the full armor of God, stand firm, take action, and DEFEAT THIS RADICAL AGENDA ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Over the next month – what the Groomers call “Pride Month” – we will see an all-out attack on God’s Design from the radical wokists. And, these are not some far-off ideologues from New York and San Francisco – they are right here in our backyard!

Georgia State Senator Josh McLaurin – the Georgia General Assembly’s #1 Defender of Groomers (yes, you should hear how urgently he pleads for the ability to put porn in schools and to chop off the private parts of children) – recently declared Minnesota as an example of “what Georgia could accomplish.”

What did he mean by that?

He was referring to Minnesota’s radical policy of taking children from their families, and “transitioning” them without parental consent.




But, if McLaurin and the radicals like him who are beholden to the national left-wing apparatus ever take power, they will, undoubtedly make pro-grooming policy a priority for our state.

We must never let this happen.

If you want to win the battle against Groomers, it’s time to stand up, speak out against “Pride Month,” and resolve to win at the Capitol, at the ballot box, and in our culture to protect children and defend God’s Good and Perfect Design.

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None of us can afford to sit on the sidelines in this Battle for Our Culture. This Pride Month, let us fight back!

For God’s Design,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy