Girls’ swimsuits for boys where these children can “tuck” their privates.

Satanic clothes celebrating debauchery.

TARGETing innocent children with in-your-face displays.

YES, you should boycott Target!

And, frankly, you should boycott Bud Light (if you are a beer drinker who would have been inclined to purchase Bud Light – though my suspicion is that more of you are likely to expend resources at the big box retailer).

What these woke corporations are doing is wicked, and they should not feel simply a small tightening of their belts. They need to feel the wrath of anti-grooming Americans (the overwhelming but often all-too-silent majority) who refuse to spend their God-given resources with companies that promote the desecration of reality, the abuse of children, and the wicked agenda of adults who want to use children as a means to justify their own sin.

This Pride Month, we are going to unashamedly speak truth. We won’t mince words. We are going to fight back against the evil just as hard as they are trying to impose it upon us.

Will you take a stand with us?

Please consider helping us fund our engagement in the Culture War during Pride Month – as we stand boldly for God’s Design – with a generous donation of $15, $50, $100, or more!

Boycott Target. Boycott Bud Light. Stand with Frontline!


Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy