This election, we have not been outworked. As the only pro-life, pro-family group in Georgia endorsing and supporting our allied candidates, we are proud of the 80+ Frontline candidates on the ballot tomorrow.

To view a full list of statewide, congressional, and legislative endorsements, click here.

Note, we typically endorse only in competitive races and when we have developed a strong alliance with a candidate on the ballot. There are many good candidates that we have not endorsed, and, if your representative is not on the list, it is not necessarily a negative indicator.

As we have worked hard this election, here is my promise: we will seize the momentum you give us tomorrow and use it to transform our state with lasting policy victories. Help Frontline fight for life, for freedom, for parental rights, for school choice, and for God’s Design by helping us reach our goal. We are $635 short and need your help with a $25, $100, or $250 donation TODAY!

This election, here is what is on the line:

– Protecting babies with beating hearts versus abortion on demand
– Parental rights versus radical indoctrination in classrooms
– Affirming God’s Design versus castrating confused children
– Saving girls sports versus imposing biological males competing against girls
– Economic freedom and public safety versus anti-family policies like higher taxes, lockdowns excessive regulation, and defunding the police

These choices are on the ballot, but they underscore policy positions. When this election is over, it is our job to seize the opportunities of victory and deliver transformative policy.

As the only pro-life, pro-family group supporting our candidates this election AND working to implement our agenda at the Capitol, we are asking you to help us close the gap so we can press forward.

Please consider a generous donation – helping us exceed our goal TODAY!

I promise you that we will not tire. We will keep pushing in these closing hours of this election, and we will keep leading the charge for our values in the legislative realm.

The stakes are too high to simply pay lip service. We are committed to winning – to lasting victory – and are ready to transform our state for the sake of you and your family and for the cause of His everlasting glory.

To Victory,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action