After intense lobbying efforts from our team and a massive push from Governor Kemp and his staff – which included surprise visits to both Chambers by the governor to call for this critical legislation – the General Assembly has passed legislation taking a big step toward Saving Girls Sports.

In an 11th hour push, an amendment was added to HB1084, the bill to ban Divisive Concepts (which needed final passage). This amendment empowers athletic associations to designate athletic competitions on the basis of gender and protect girls’ sports.

We anticipate the GHSA will use this authority to designate competitions on the basis of gender, and we are eager to continue the fight next year. The effort to protect our girls and ensure fair competitions will continue.

Throughout session, we have supported Rep. Will Wade and his efforts to ban Racist Indoctrination and Divisive Concepts. This bill, a Governor’s initiative, rids our state of “Divisive Concepts” and it achieved final passage today.

And, now, it takes steps to Save Girls Sports by empowering athletic associations to define sports participation on the basis of gender – protecting them from lawsuits and ensuring uniform rules.

This is an important step, and, while it is not the full SB435 sponsored by Senator Marty Harbin, it is a win for our values. Moreover, it’s an important step for our state, and the first legislation of its kind – affirming God’s Design and taking a stand against a radical agenda undermining the opportunities of Georgia girls – to pass in our state.

On both the effort to protect our children from divisive concepts and to protect girls’ sports, we applaud the bill and thank Governor Kemp for his critical efforts.

For Girls’ Sports,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action