This legislative session, we had historic victories for students as we worked to recognize the God-given authority of parents, end radical indoctrination, rid our schools of smut and obscene material, and save girls sports.

We were proud to partner with Governor Kemp and conservatives in the General Assembly to accomplish these landmark victories, but here’s the reality: so much still depends on your local School Board – which can either be your first line of defense or the foremost obstacle in the battle to protect your child from indoctrination.

With runoffs underway and low turnout elections likely to decide the fate of so many races, one School Board race clearly stands out. That’s why Frontline Policy Action is proud to endorse Dr. Alexis Williams for School Board in Gwinnett County.

Few areas of our state have seen the devastating effects of the radical Left’s designs for our students like Gwinnett County. Its schools have been greatly harmed by a School Board “gone woke” and a swift and all-out attempt to indoctrinate.

Dr. Alexis Williams will stand up for our students and our parents, rid our classrooms of woke politics and Marxist ideologies, and put common sense safety measures in place to protect our kids.

When you speak to Alexis Williams, you hear the sound of joy and of hope. She exudes positivity, and she is passionate for our kids and for the cause of Christ. We could not ask for a better champion in this race!

Now, to win this race, there is much to overcome. This seat leans left, and liberal voters are expected to have higher turnout due to the statewide offices they have left to settle in the runoffs. However, if Bible-believing, pro-family conservatives turn out in large numbers, we can dramatically alter the trajectory of Gwinnett County by electing Dr. Alexis Williams.

Please take the time to vote for Dr. Alexis Williams. Our kids are counting on you!

For Our Students,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action