Lia Thomas was just honored by ESPN for Women’s History Month.

But, he’s a dude.

Honoring a dude for posing as a female at the expense of females is an insult to women. It’s also a lie to the dude – who will never be female, never resemble a female, and always be at war with his own body and biology as long as he pretends to be a female.

We are battling this radical and insane ideology in the political, policy, and cultural arenas, and we need your help – please DONATE TODAY to help us reach our end of the month goal!

Honoring a dude for Women’s History Month seems to even be the trendy thing. Our own White House honored Alba Rueda, an Argentinian man masquerading as a female, with an International Women of Courage Award.

This is where the battle is being fought right now – a normalization and celebration of the rejection of God’s Design of gender and human sexuality. It’s a battle that affects our children, our future, the lives of those who embrace this lifestyle that leads to emptiness, and our culture.

Sadly, with this legislative session ending tomorrow, only a half-measure in addressing this woke crisis, SB 140, will be law in our state.

That means more work needs to be done to affect policy change.

More work needs to be done to elect officials who recognize God’s Design – both in next year’s primary and general elections.

And, more work needs to be done to protect children, point people to Truth, and celebrate God’s Design in the Church and in our culture.

We are $3,925 away from our March 31st goal, and we need your help as we turn the corner from legislative session and build an agenda to transform Georgia into the national leader in combatting wokeness. Please consider a $50, $250, $500 – or whatever the Lord is leading you to do – donation TODAY!

Frontline is committed to a big, bold agenda for our state, and we are committed. We know that victory, however, will take significant resources to defeat the forces arrayed against us – including self-proclaimed “conservatives” that advocate for puberty blockers for young kids.

Your support helps us fight for God’s Design across the political, policy, and culture arenas.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Council