Today is Sine Die – Day 40 of the legislative session and the conclusion to the ability of the Georgia General Assembly to pass new laws in 2023, barring the calling of a “special session.”

As we have been all session, the Frontline organizations will be the largest force for values under the Gold Dome – with 8 team members and multiple volunteers on hand to advocate for what’s right.

To contribute to Frontline Policy Action’s end-of-month/end-of-quarter goal – we are $2730 short – please consider a $25, $250, $500, or more donation TODAY!

Here are some things to know:

1) We are battling for gamechanging school choice – SB 233, which provides a $6500 ESA to families in failing schools (less than the money that state spends on a child in those same schools) so that they can attend a school that will better fit their individual needs. Governor Kemp has made this a top priority for his agenda in the closing days, and we are with him 100%. TO TAKE ACTION, CLICK HERE.

2) Gambling expansion remains a threat – HB 237, the former “Soap Box Derby Bill” that was stripped and replaced with Sports Betting against the wishes of its sponsor, remains a possibility for a vote. As of now, a coalition is keeping this threat from our state, and the Senate does not have the votes. However, deals will be offered to “hold outs” – specifically Democrats – throughout the day, and we must remain vigilant. TO TAKE ACTION, CLICK HERE.

3) Nothing is truly “dead” yet – Anything that has yet to pass in the normal manner can be revived via amendment or conference committee report. That’s why our team will be watching each Chamber closely as they vote on dozens of bills.

4) Stay tuned to our Facebook pages – Unless there is an emergency alert or a massive, “BREAKING” big win, we will keep our updates to our Facebook pages until tomorrow. TO FOLLOW FRONTLINE POLICY ACTION, CLICK HERE.

If you’d like to FOLLOW our sister organization, FRONTLINE POLICY COUNCIL, CLICK HERE.

5) We are already working on next session – Our team has several endorsed bills that are being dropped in the closing days. While we will provide more details in the coming days, here is a sneak peek of two:

▪ First is HB 840 sponsored by Rep. Tim Fleming, which will protect minors from sexually explicit performances.
▪ Second is HB 836 sponsored by Rep. Mitchell Scoggins, which will ensure multiple occupancy restrooms and changing rooms in schools are designated for exclusive use by males and females.
Once session concludes, we will share more about our bold 2024 agenda for Georgia Leadership.

Today is a big day for Georgia, a big day for Frontline, and a great opportunity that the Lord has given us to take a stand for what’s right.

Please keep our team and our legislators in your prayers.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy