We have been emailing a series entitled “What’s Next in the Fight for Life.”

You can read the first email here and the second email here.

In summary, the first email says we must: Give thanks. Celebrate. And, reflect on what God has done. And the second one can be summed with: Remember the big goal. See every human being as an Image Bearer of God. Value every life. And, work to end abortion entirely.

As an aside, you can do these things with us on June 24th at our LIFE WINS: Dobbsiversary Celebration which includes a Diaper Drive to support Moms.  You can register for that event – which includes music, fun, speakers, free food, and bouncy houses – RIGHT HERE.

And that leads to the Part 3 of what’s next in the Fight for Life… Don’t forget the “little battles.” Stand up against “comfortable abortion.” Save every life possible as quickly as possible.

We are joyful that more than 20,000 Georgian lives will likely be saved this year alone. Conversely, though, that means that more than 10,000 lives across our state will still be lost to abortion. This. Is. Tragic.

For many, the solution is to immediately push for an outright ban on abortion. What a joyous day that would be!

Yet, here is the reality – Georgia is not yet primed for such a victory. Our Heartbeat Law, one of the strongest in the nation, is imperfect. It allows for abortion up to a child’s heartbeat. And, it allows for exceptions up to 20 weeks.

It is, nonetheless, the strongest bill we could pass out of the Georgia General Assembly, and we are jubilant over the lives saved as a result.

After two election cycles that saw the cause of life lose in numerous elections around the country in 2020 and in 2022, we are also proud of the work that we have done, the efforts of the Georgia pro-life community, and the leadership of Governor Brian Kemp. In these turbulent times, our state – counter to the national trends – has not seen substantive pro-life losses at the state level.

On the other hand, we are not in a substantially better place to pass pro-life legislation, either.

We remain a swing state with a precarious pro-life majority. While we have many members eager to see every life saved, others have a more cautious approach. We also have an electorate across our state that – while aligning closer to the Kemp position on abortion than the Abrams position on abortion – is not supportive of efforts for an outright ban.

What this all means is a simple, unsatisfying reality: It will take time.

What this does not mean, though, is that we simply shout for a ban that won’t yet happen. Nor does it mean that we sit idle. It also doesn’t mean that we “just work on the culture” either. The pro-life movement can still pass strong legislation to protect pregnant women and their children from dangerous abortions.

There are many steps this movement can still take that will save lives. And, these are steps that must not be ignored while we hope and labor for more.

First among those steps is requiring an in-person visitation to be prescribed the abortion pill. Due to the reckless fidelity the Biden Administration has to the for-profit abortion lobby, the dangerous pill is being mailed without an in-person visitation.

This is inconsistent with our laws – which require for the checking of a heartbeat – and it is dangerous for women due to the numerous complications that stem from taking the pill.

Our team has been battling to pass such legislation, and I believe we are on the verge of being able to do so!

Would this end abortion entirely? No. It would, however, save more lives, protect women, and provide consistency with our laws already on the books.

This is a victory worth fighting for! And, it’s not the only one. There will be other bills, other battles, and more work to do as we strive to draw attention to the horror of abortion and work to end its scourge.

As we labor toward that day – please remember our Dobbsiversary Event on June 24th. REGISTER HERE.

For Life,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy

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